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Got a Crush: 49 Questions to Ask Her.

Got a Crush – 49 Questions to Ask Her to Help Get Acquainted Fast.


Hi guys – I created these questions to help you get acquainted fast with a new woman you just met.

These questions will be great conversation starters as well as allow you both to get acquainted and know each other better much faster.

1. What has been the biggest mistake of your life so far?

2. Would you rather be happier or more intelligent?

3. What made you cry the last time?

4. What experience in your life caused you to be the most nervous?  (A great questions if you have a crush) read more


Dating Scams: Targeting Single Men.

Dating Scams.  Single Men
are Often the Target of SCAMMERS.

This scenario happens often. “John” meets Ms. Right on an online dating site. She’s pretty, polite and adorable. She’s exactly what “John” had been seeking.

She has big beautiful eyes, gorgeous hair, nice body and she is very nice and personable. John exchanges several emails with Ms. Right – however, he soon realizes she’s not real. John is extremely disappointed and his dream is shattered.

Unfortunately, many of the profiles on dating sites are scams or fake profiles. “Scammers” utilize a personal profile as a “tool” or lure get a person to write to them. The scammer quickly creates “likability” and “Trust”. Why? Because their real agenda is to swindle money. read more


Does She Like Me? 20 Signs To Let You Know.

Does She Like Me?  These 20 Signs Will Let You Know For Sure.  No More Guess Work.

Thousands of single men secretly ask the question; Does she like me?  Well, if you read these special signs you’ll know for sure and the mystery will be over.

does she like me

Hey guys –

I’m going to give you my advice on how to know if SHE is into you or not.

1.  Nearly all women who like a man will stand close to him.  If she is standing close to you, then she feels safe. If she’s not feeling the romance thing, then she probably will not stand close to you.

2. Women who like you will look you in the eyes. She is trying to establish a deeper connection with you.  This will usually answer the question;  Does she like me? read more


Porn Facts: The Good, Bad, the Ugly.

Porn Facts:
There Are Good Aspects of Porn
and There Are Bad Aspects of Porn.

porn factsHi Guys –

I’ve done my research and discovered some “Porn Facts”.
I have some shocking things to tell you.  This stuff comes from very reliable sources, so please listen up. OK?

I feel Porn is a good thing if it encourages you to have a better sex life with your partner, but if you’re watching a lot of “porn” and you’re NOT having a sex life at all or your physical sex life with another person is decreasing, then it’s NOT a good thing.

Do You Want to Watch Porn or
Have Sex with Your Girlfriend?
(If you have a girlfriend)

There is some good stuff about porn and not so good stuff.  Everything in moderation is the key, right?   If you’re spending more time watching PORN than trying to find a nice sweet girlfriend, then that’s NOT a good thing.  Porn addiction can be lonely.sadman-3 read more


How to Hook Up with Girls: Get Laid Tonight.

How to Hook Up with Girls
Easier than Ever Before!

how to hook up with girlsHey guys-

How to hook up with girls is important for guys and it’s simple.

The thing most guys forget is this;  girls want sex too!!  If this is true, then why are 99% of the men frustrated because they seldom get laid?   Hooking up from “online” dating sites and social media sites makes is EASY….. BUT MOST MEN BLOW IT!

  • Why do most men blow it with girls?
  • Why do most men seldom get laid?
  • Why do most men get rejected by girls?
  • Why do most men end up spending lots of
    cash on girls – but nothing happens?
  • Why are most men frustrated?
  • How to hook up with girls – it’s much easier than you realize.

how to hook up with girls99% of men are frustrated and the girls are equally as disturbed. Most girls will not tell you their secrets.

We try to let guys in on the secrets so MEN can finally  give girls  what they already want. read more

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