Abusive Women. 10 Types of Women to Avoid.

Here Are 10 Types of “Abusive Women” You Should Avoid.  Avoiding These Women Will Save You Time, Money and Heartache.

Abusive women are seldom a topic.   Women are told all the time about what “type” of men to avoid.  However, the topic of what “type” of women to avoid seldom receives much attention.  It’s time we talk about it.

Too many men live in abusive relationships because of the women they chose to date or marry.  This blog posting will be all about “abusive women” and how they can make a man’s life miserable.  These toxic women usually take advantage of gentle and kind men – only because they CAN.

Here is a small list of the kind of women you should AVOID in order to save you time, grief, heartache and possibly money and assets in the future.

1. The Control Freak:
As soon as she has charmed her way into your heart – then you may hear things like; “Stop tail gating this guy  – go around him!” Are you actually going to eat that crap?” If you cow down to this type of abuse, then it will only get worse.  She will make YOU her little sissy boy.

2. Argumentative Bitch:
This type of woman will have her “sissy boy” always walking on egg shells.  She will be critical of nearly every thing you do and say and she will turn most anything into a full blown argument until she gets her way.   She’s a bitter woman and you’ll seldom do or say anything abusive womenright.

She’s a right fighter.  She would rather be “right” than “happy”.

Once you recognize this about “her”, then pack up your tooth brush and disappear!  Saying good-bye is not even necessary.

3. Insecure women will drive you nuts:
This type of women will hide her insecurity if you’re not careful. It’s always important to listen to what a woman says about herself or others.  Does she always hint for a compliment?  This type of woman is emotionally high maintenance.

She must always be told how beautiful she is or how much you love her.  Don’t ever talk about other women or their beauty around her.  She will not forget it.  She will be emotionally and physically draining for you.   Every time you meet her she will wear you down with her insecurities.

Could This be Your Life After You Marry an “Abusive Woman” of Your Dreams.  Make Sure to Watch For Her Insecurities EARLY.

She may even get very clingy and will always want you near or hanging on you.  This type of woman can also be very jealous.  Her insecurities will drive you crazy.  Extreme jealousy is a form of insanity and you probably do not have the therapeutic expertise to fix her – so it’s best to let the next guy deal with it.

She will not want you to leave the room.  She will call or text you 20 times a day.  She will contact you in every way possible. Unless you want to be a babysitter 24/7 –  then avoid this one for sure.  Watch for the warnings signs of a horribly insecure woman.  She will make your life a living HELL.

4. The Material Lady;
This type of high maintenance woman will usually choose the most expensive and pricy item on the menu.  She will usually expect you to take her to the most expensive restaurants in town.  This is where she likes to be seen.   Your money and credit cards are also hers in abusive womenher own mind.   She has no respect for you, your hard work or your money.

These type of women are easy to recognize.  They will quickly bring to your attention anything she noticed materialistic about you that has value.  Such as;  your watch, your ring, your car, your suit, your tie, your shoes, etc.

This type of woman probably has never been to a garage-sale in her life and doesn’t know the term “savings” or “discount”.

Avoid this type of woman at all costs.  Some people like to call this type of woman a “Gold Digger”.   She’s looking for someone who can afford to buy her the thins she wants.  She usually doesn’t care about the men in her life –  (although she will put on a good act).  In all actuality, she’s nothing but a con-artist.

These type of women usually only bring misery and heartache.  She lives in a make-believe fantasy world of riches and wealth beyond her own imagination.  It will be difficult to satisfy her.  This toxic woman will be abusive to your wallet, your bank account and your self-esteem.  Avoid her!

5. The Woman Who is Still Emotionally Attached to the Last Guy.
Here’s another one to avoid completely.   She will be talking about her ex-boyfriend or ex-husband all the time.  She will be comparing you.  This type of the most dangerous.

Avoid any woman who still has unresolved issues from her past relationships. It’s guaranteed to get messy soon.  There is only room for one person in her heart and guess what?  Right now, it isn’t YOU.

6. Avoid the Feminist whatever you do:
This type of woman actually likes to have sex with men – but she doesn’t like men or what they stand for.  The feminist usually believes that ALL men are the cause of ALL the problems women have in relationships and in the work place.

She thinks men cause all the problems in the world.  She usually calls men “jerks”, “assholes” and “smelly dogs”.   She loves and hates men all the same time.   Avoid this type of woman!

7.  Physically Abusive and Violent Women:
This type of woman will think nothing of slapping you if she doesn’t like what you say.   At first, it will start with dirty looks, light slaps on the leg or on the shoulder.  She’s testing you.  One day, she will put her full weight behind one of her punches and her fist may land straight on your abusive womennose.

She knows you’re NOT the type of man to hit a woman, so she will feel safe in beating you to a pulp.

This type of woman will throw things as well and usually in your direction.  In her fit of rage she may even stab you or shoot you.   Avoid any woman who shows any type of physical violence towards you.   Sometimes this type of woman will arrive as passive aggressive – but that’s a whole new subject.

8.   Selfishness:
Avoid a selfish woman.   This type of woman will usually avoid buying you anything.  She will cook you a semi-cheap dinner or serve you a cheap bottle of wine.  She is ‘STINGY’. She is usually sexually selfish as well,

Don’t expect her to sexually satisfy you – emotionally or sexually.  She seldom will put you first.  She will want her needs met and will make sure to hide things from you to get it.  She will usually small talk you to death and sudden you’ll discover she doesn’t really care of you talk or not.  She seldom will ask a question because this will give you a chance to speak.

9.  Passive Aggressive:
This woman can be difficult to deal with.  She usually will not cause a confrontation and may seem like she agrees with everything you say – however, she holds back and doesn’t tell you her opinions.   She abusive womendoesn’t want to argue or have confrontation.   She will hide who she is and her true opinions.

She will keep holding back and holding back.  You can recognize passive aggressive behavior with those that give you the “silent treatment” or the withhold of sex.

She may show up late on purpose and on a late on a regular basis.  This is how she will punish you without confrontation.   This type of woman will damage you and cause turmoil when her resentment for you builds up too much.  She may explode on you.  All because she has been holding back too much of her resentments.  If she could speak up and let her issues be known, it would be a different story.

10.  Women Who Cheat:
Cheaters can be very devious.  Cheaters are “Abusive Women”. They often choose men who are kind, giving and trusting.

Women who cheat usually have been cheating on guys since they began dating.   They enjoy the drama, the attention of other men and the risk.  They usually do not have much empathy for the man they hurt.   Many are considered sociopaths or psychopaths.abusivewomen-cheaters-1.ng

These are extremely dangerous women.  We would never advise you to carry on a lengthy relationship with this type of woman.  You must really pay close attention to all her words, their actions and who they know in order to catch them in a lie.  They are usually very smart and clever.   Women who cheat are extremely manipulative and assertive.  They LIE easily and are usually very good at it.

Make this type of woman verify everything.  If you even suspect she’s a cheater – move on!  Change your phone number and disappear if possible.

These toxic type personalities are only our dislikes.  If you’re a man who is drawn to any of these toxic type women, then by all means, go for it.  However, we suggest that most men will not live happy , healthy or fulfilled lives with any of these toxic type women.

The abusive womenchoice is naturally all yours.  We hope you do your best to avoid “abusive women”.



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