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I hope you enjoy Asian Dating.  Do you have yellow fever?  :-)  I’m certainly an Asian girl.   I’m one of the team players here.

Asian dating Asian dating is getting very popular . . . and I really don’t know why other than what I hear.   I like “white” men because most of the older ones really treat me well.  They are nice, gentle and very respectful.  I like that.

Asian girls are very sexual and very loyal to their man.  It’s the way it’s been for thousands of years.  Maybe that’s why China has a huge population . . . you think?We do like a lot of sex – that’s for sure.

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Here’s a few tips on Asian Dating.

1. Before you get serious about dating Asian women, understand that the term “Asian women” is very broad, and contains a lot of sub-categories. Most Western guys think the “Asian women” label refers to Japanese or Chinese women. The term Asian actually includes over include 40 different nationalities and ethnic groups.

There are many variations in the Philippines. There’s been a lot of mixing of different cultures over the centuries. Some filipinas will have of a Spanish look, or a more Japanese appearance.Asian dating

If you’re not certain where she’s from originally, don’t try to guess. This could make you seem ignorant, or even worse, offensive. Instead, you can say to her, “you have a very unique, beautiful look, where are your parents from?”

Also, you should never mention to her that you are familiar with dating Asian women. Bragging or telling her you know all about Asian woman because you’ve dating many is the WRONG thing to say.  There’s a good chance that she will feel jealous and resentful.  She most likely will want to be your 1st Asian dating experience.

She needs to feel that she is unique and special to you. Also, Asian women who live in Western countries are very sensitive to the idea of “yellow fever” ?   Western guys who have a fetish for Asian girls and Asian dating.  If she gets the sense that you’re only into her because of her race, you’ve got no chance.

2. The stereotype that Asian women are meek and submissive is generally false, however Asian women do want a masculine man, one who can play the role of the provider and protector.

Asian women, do not want a clingy man.  They want real men.  They are not into sissy men.  Asian men don’t behave this way and if you do, it’s going to make the women uncomfortable.

asiandating13. Be a gentleman with a bit of a “bad boy” edge. Cool Hollywood movie stars are worshipped in Asia ? The guys who are strong, masculine and can take care of business, but have a boyish charm and a softer side.

Think about the onscreen personas of Harrison Ford, Keanu Reeves, Leonardo Dicaprio, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney. (All of them are revered in Asia.) You must be confident and emotionally stable. Asian women are turned off by insecure, angry or jealous men.  Asian dating is something you must take seriously

4. You must be intelligent and preferably well-educated, since Asians put a high value on education and wisdom. Also, have various passions and pursuits that you can share with her.

You may want to convince her that you want to help improve her self, become more knowledgeable and she will get all of this from being with you.  This is the message you must convey to her, but not in an arrogant way.  Show confidence.

5. Always behave yourself in public. Guys who are loud, rude, or “show off” in public aren’t going to get anywhere with Asian women. They also appreciate proper manners, such as helping them to Asian datingremove their coat, or pulling out their chair and helping them to sit down in a restaurant.  Asian women like and appreciate a gentlemen.

6. Demonstrate some familiarity with her country, its culture, and her religion. Having an appreciation for her native cuisine is also very helpful.

If she is Westernized, she probably eats Western food, generally.  However,  when she’s with her family, they surely still cook their favorite exotic dishes. Learning to cook one of her favorite ethnic meals for her will score you big points.

7. A tip for all you guys who are communicating over the Internet with women from Asian countries: get her to chat with you on a webcam as soon as possible. There are a ton of girls on the Asian dating sites who are looking to find a foreign boyfriend, which is great, but there are a lot of games being played.

8. You cannot come across as a player, a playboy, or a guy who isn’t interested in the possibility of a serious relationship. When you’re getting to know an Asian women, she has to know that you have the capacity to be serious and committed.

They’re thinking of their Asian datingfuture, and for a lot of Asian women their dream future involves having a half-Caucasian child. You don’t need to talk about your desire to get married on the first date, but you should mention you’re interested in marriage.

9. Asian women will be impressed if you own some of the latest high tech gadgets ? a cool phone, mp3 player, digital camera, and so on.

Asian men are very much into technology. And it also helps for you to be literate with computers, because to an educated Asian women, this will be a good sign that you are a smart, worldly mobile person.

10. My final tip on Asian dating: most Asian women have strong bonds with their family. In some Asian cultures the woman is expected to support the rest of the family, even though the family is perfectly capable of making their own money. Trying to separate her from her family could drive a major wedge betwee you and her.

Unfortunately, most of the “Asian” dating websites are not legitimate.  Most very serious men, like yourself, are ripped off by many of the websites.  Most of the ads are fake and most of the photos are fake.  Most men seldom get a response and if they do there are people (whoever) they are asking for money.


We had many requests for us to find an honest website where men could meet Asian women.  We did our homework and contacted a few of our sources and discovered a very trustworthy Asian dating site for you. So far – so good.  No complaints at all.  You’ll meet lots of beautiful Asian women on this website.  You should have great results.  

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