How To Attract Women. The Things You Should Never Do.



How to Attract Women Anytime You Want.  The Things You Should Never Do!

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Attraction is a strange thing . . . first of all, nearly every woman is different in what create attraction for her.  Don’t listen to all the horse crap from some of these goofy internet dating coaches.  Most of their stuff is useless.

However, there is ONE secret thing that causes most women to subconsciously be attracted to most any man.   Women can’t help it.  They were born with this powerful attraction “thing”.  Some men naturally have this very attraction “thing” and if you do not have it naturally, then you can easily create it.  

Are You Seeking a Girl or a Woman?  Do you want to be a boy or a Man?  This lady spells it out for you.   She does not hold back.

Most of all, women are attracted to “confidence”, but not arrogance.  It doesn’t matter what you look like,  if you walk, sit and speak with confidence, then you’ll attract most women.  This is a secret most men do not know.  

Many men think they must act cocky or arrogant or make the women feel “less” than….and that turns women off.  How to attract women is important if you want to get a date and get to know the woman better.

When you’re talking to a woman  – a woman will be more attracted to you if you’re not trying to impress her.   Talk about your passions in life and get her to talk about her passions.   Put some depth into your conversation.

Never allow “silence” bother you – be yourself and admit you notice the “silence” to her and let her know you are curious about what she is thinking right now.   Just like the video says, maybe this will be a good time to touch her gently or give her a little kiss on the hand.

How to attract women will put you into the driver’s seat and let you learn who and what the woman is all about.  Here’s a few more pointers for you.

1.  Discover “how to attract women” and others in the group will be impressed. Any time you’re in a group with other men, you should take on the role of “leader of the pack”.

2.  Looks are usually not the most important factor that most men think.   It’s always important to you to provide YOUR best of who you are as a man.   This means never look like a SLOB, look as healthy as possible and make an effort to look and act intelligent – no cave man crap.

3.  This display confidence.  No slouching with head down. Walk with head straight up over your shoulders.

4.  Be observant of everything around you.  Pay attention to what her words, body, and subliminal signs of women around you are saying to you. You don’t need words to know what they’re thinking.

5.  Be assertive with women not pushy or obnoxious.  Be a gentleman.  Women want a guy who goes after what he wants.  So if you feel like you want to kiss a woman that you’ve been talking to… do it.  Don’t ever wait for a woman’s permission to kiss her.  Women are attracted to men who take charge – but do not force yourself.  No means no.

6.  Tease and flirt with women.  One way to  get the women you want  fast is to flirt with her – you can look at a woman the right way and she will melt in your arms.

7.  She must feel your experience and your confidence.

8.  Touch a woman physically when the time is right.  Women love to be petted and touched.   Touch her softly.

9.  Most women like to chase a man.  So when displaying your attraction, then pull away.  Make her come back to you.  Always leave a woman wondering IF you’re attracted to her and how much.

10.  Most women like a man who is confident and fun.  This means you sort of present an overly confident humor.  This is an important step to How You Attract Women.

11.  You can put her into an emotional state.  Another way to attract women is to do things or say things that cause positive emotions. The easiest way to do this is to talk about topics that bring emotions out of woman.

12.  It’s good to talk about things you’re passionate about.

13.  At first, do not give her compliments on her looks.  The best kind of compliments are those that involve unique things you see about her personality, her mind her spirit, her sense of humor, etc.

14.  Don’t allow the woman to feel she’s on a pedestal or better than you.  Tease her a little bit.  Let her know she is not better than you.  Make a gesture to wipe something off her face or tell her she has something on her tooth….tell her to rub her upper teeth.  This is a tactic best used to attract extremely beautiful women.

15.  Be direct without being obnoxious. Women like a man who has no fear of asking for what he wants.  If you’re attracted to her – tell her – make it clear.  The best way to do this is make a reference to that lets her know this.  For instance, you could say “that thing you did with your “mouth” is  so fucking sexy.”

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