Breaking Up is Not Easy. Men, Here Is Your Solution.

breaking upBreaking Up Is Never Easy.
Helpful Hints To Get You
Up and Moving Again.

1. Let yourself mourn the loss of her.

Again, breaking up is never easy.  I don’t believe any man gets married or jumps head first into a relationship saying “I can’t wait until this relationship is over.” Even if you wanted to your separate way, it’s still a loss in your mind and always will be.

It doesn’t matter what experience you had in your relationship the  break up is GRIEF

It’s not wise to dwell on the things you could have done or didn’t do.  Loss is still a loss. An empty space is there where something once filled it, even if that something was not what you wanted.

2. Do not try to ignore the pain or the hurt that you feel after the break up.

You’ve heard all of this before.  Do not carry that past relationship into the new one.   You have to find a way to work though the bad emotions.breaking up

Find a good therapist that can help you put a voice to your feelings so you can learn and put them behind you.  If not, you’ll most likely carry those negative hurtful feelings into the next relationship.

A good therapist will be someone who doesn’t have an agenda by listening and talking with you. It can be a way to work toward a better life, with someone who has no agenda but YOU.  A good therapist can help you make better choices.

3. Learn to like yourself after a break up.

Many people go on a self-destruction thing after a break up.  They tend not to like themselves too much after breaking up.  Many of your thoughts might be that there is something wrong with you because you failed at the relationship.   It’s important you find “VALUE” again.

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4.  Try to Become Who You Used to Be.
If you’re just breaking up and you were married or in a relationship for a long time.  Maybe start doing the things you did as a single man that you gave up because you were into the “couple” thing.

Maybe you enjoyed going to sport events and sports bar, but you stop going because she “hated” it.  Maybe you enjoyed going to movie, but she was a homebody and wanted to stay home and watch TV.

5.  Seek Out a Side to You that Even You Didn’t Know Was There.
Maybe find something about you that you want to change.  Maybe start going to the gym and getting in better shape.   Maybe change your haircut or maybe go live in another city for awhile.  Do something that causes you to jump from the box and either look better, look different or change your lifestyle.

While you’re making a few changes, make sure they are healthy good changes that add to your life and doesn’t take away.   Become more of the MAN you want to be.   Maybe start reading more self improvement books and watching spiritual videos.  Think of ways your life and choices can be improved upon.

6. Be Courageous.  Learn to be alone.

Just because you choose to be alone after breaking up – doesn’t mean you’re a hermit or decided to isolate yourself from society.  It just means you’re not with your partner any more.  Did you know over thirty million people live alone in this country today.  Living alone is not unique or a freaky thing to do.

breaking upIt’s very easy today to meet new friends.  You have the Internet, coffee houses and all kinds of single’s fairs and events.  You have lots of meet ups all over your town.

 7.   Think About Dating a Woman You Normally Would Not Date Before . . .

When you feel like seeing other women again, then why not spend time with women who are not really your type?   In other words, open yourself up to different types of women.  You may find you enjoy some aspects of these women and you may find things about yourself you didn’t know was there.

8. Start Accepting Some of Your New Facets You’ve Created For Yourself.

You may have to learn how to cook more after breaking up.  Maybe “she” did most of the cooking and now you have to start cooking.  Possibly take an interest in cooking and creating great dinners.  This could be something new and improved

9.  Breaking Up With a Woman Can Be Tough.
One of the many things some men do that’s keeps them from moving on with their life is HOLDING on to false HOPE. Some men are stuck in limbo with the idea that there might be a chance of getting back together with their exes.  This is a killer sometimes.

Come to the realization that SHE is gone for good doesn’t come easy sometimes.  It can be pure mental torture.  In order to help get breaking upyourself out of this cycle and recover from breaking up quickly, follow these helpful hints and tips to help you on your path.

10.  Stop feeling sorry for your DAMN self!
Ok.  You were dumped.  Face it.  Stop crying.  It’s time to man-up. You were not the first man to ever get dumped by a crazy woman.

Don’t forget.  Read this twice or three timesEvery man thinks his breakup  is UNIQUE.  He thinks it is the MOST traumatic one in history. The truth of the matter is; breakups always follow the same pattern, and life goes on.  It happens thousands of times every day.

If you keep thinking about how badly you’ve been hurt, you will continue to hurt. To deal with a breakup quickly, stop feeling sorry for yourself and be proactive in doing positive things that will help you get though it so you can see the bright light on the other side.

11,  Demolish the Past – Burn it Down if You Have To.
Thousands of men have been
dumped and remain trapped in a limbo state of mind, hoping that their ex will return with kisses, wide open arms with their butt up in the air – however, most men never admit to this- ever.  Burn her photos.  Do it – don’t even think about it.  Just burn her photos.  It will help tremendously.breaking up

When you’re breaking up, you need to get serious and start taking care of yourself .  And this means destroying  or burning any reminders of her.  If your breakup is causing you much pain, then it means you’re having trouble letting her go and you’re still hoping she will return to you.   BURN THOSE PHOTOS.  Once you meet another woman, all those pictures of your ex will become totally meaningless and she will be a distant memory.

Once these photos and reminders are trashed or burned- notes, letters or birthday cards, photos, then you will have not any thing to remind you to feel sorry for yourself.  You may want to rearrange the furniture or reorganize things – just to make things look different.  You may want to move to new place.

12. Don’t Forget Your Friends and Family. 
Sometimes a man needs some support.  That extra support from your family or friends can ooze the pain somewhat.   These are the people who were usually there before you met the “woman” and they are still there to help you.  Do not shut them out.  They are breaking upthere to help you.  You would be there for them – they are now there for you.



13.  It’s Time to Fix Your Broken and Damaged Precious EGO. 
After breaking up with her, your precious and fragile ego just took a heavy blow.  Jumping right into the dating “arena” may not be the thing to do.  The rejection from some of the women can be blows you do not need right now.   This will happen – it’s all a part of life.

Once you get on this self-improvement ‘kick’ by working out at the gym, slowing meeting new people, practicing your social skills with new people and building up your positive attitude about yourself, then maybe you won’t look so desperate to the women.  Then you can start meeting new women for potential dates.

 14.  You Should Motivate Yourself For Greatness – Do Not Become Self-Destructive.
Remember this; if you do not remember anything else here – the best revenge you can get against this woman who dumped you – is to breaking upget into the best shape of your life.  Getting drunk and joining in on a bar-room brawl is not really smart at this point.

Become successful by adding a few more zeros to your income and get the hottest woman you can find to be your next girlfriend or wife.

15 .  Pick Yourself UP and Dust Yourself Off.  Keep on Keeping On!
Not any man can avoid or prevent a woman from leaving or dumping him.   However, you can certainly control the break-up experience.

Breaking up can cause you to make some serious choices.  Some choices can destroy you even more and some can place you on the path of healing and becoming better than ever!  You have to choose!

Instead of going out and getting drunk or causing her physical harm or getting thrown in jail  – you need to man-up and choose to be a man of greatness – a man that can be admired.  Remember: In the famous words of W.E. Henley, “You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul.”

 Breaking Up is Not Easy.
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