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Casual Dating Starts Casual,
But Then What?

casual dating


Hey guys,

Here’s what I think about this thing called casual dating and I wonder if these things go through your mind.

Here’s a few thought provoking comments and thoughts for you.

1.  Casual dating can be confusing at times. You don’t know if she will be a “booty call” or something more.   You don’t know if you should spend the night or not.  You and her could be confused and with good reason.  You don’t want to make promises or should you?   Do you have feelings for her or are you just horny?

2.  You seldom go on a real date because you’re not sure where this relationship is headed or is it a dead end.   It’s sort of in limbo.  What do you do?

3. Don’t follow the advice of others – not even this blog post.  Why you ask?  Because nobody really knows what you should do when you’re Casually Dating.

4. The only thing we can tell you is;  follow your heart and do what you feel is right.

5. Don’t blame drinking or alcohol for your casual dating habits.  That’s no excuse.

6. Casual dating means you must wear a condom or you DIE or a  possible disease.  It would be great not to keep using a condom one of these times, wouldn’t it?  There is nothing like going “bareback”.  However, that’s what wearing a condom during casual dating is all about – keeping everyone safe.

7.  Casual dating may involved dating several women because you don’t want your family or friends to see the type of women you’re having sex with?  Or are you just enjoying playing the field – so-to-speak?

8.  How does it feel to have passionate sex with a woman, then spoon her afterwards and wonder if she has a last name or not?   How does it feel to lay there naked with an almost stranger?

9.   Ever wonder what it would be like to discuss where you both want to go on your next vacation together?   Would it be nice to make plans together for next summer?  Casual dating doesn’t allow for long term plans.

10.   Casual dating doesn’t allow you to just sit at home together and DO NOTHING.   Usually, it’s just about fucking, then leaving and constantly on the run.   Casual dating doesn’t allow intimacy.

11. Casual dating means you smearing her make up and she wakes up with make up still on her face.  You never get to tell her how beautiful she is without make up.  She’s always wears a disguise for her casual lover.

12. Casual dating means losing sleep because you have not learned how to sleep with her.  Sometimes it takes practice and being intimate is the only way to learn.   Casual dating is not about asking intimate questions.


13.  Casual dating means you and her are almost committed to having sex – even if you don’t feel lit.   Casual dating creates a barrier where you can’t be honest with the other person – and she may start to resent you because she’s not in the mood but does it anyway.

14. Casual dating is just that – it’s casual. You and her do not have sex every night or not even every week.  You do not learn exactly how to please her and she doesn’t learn all your naughty secrets that please you either.

15. Casual dating causes disappointment at times.  What do you do when you want sex with her, but she just started her period?  What do you do now?  Being you’re just casual lovers – it might be tough to ask her for a handjob, a blow job or ask her for anal sex. You could use a vibrator to make her cum, but you don’t do it because you’re only casually dating.  These are  things that “couples” do for each other when they are no longer casual.

16. Casual dating usually creates “lack” of intimacy.  You  usually will not ask important questions to find out what exactly pleases each other.   You’re usually forced to go through the motions and hope you’re doing what they enjoy.  Sometimes casual dating causes both partners to be sexually frustrated because they will not ask these important sexual questions.  They simply keep it casual and not intimate.

17.  Casual dating usually means having multiple partners.  That means never being really intimate with anyone and just going through the motions.   Not knowing or meeting their family members is part of casual dating.

18.  Casual dating could mean not asking the quality questions and not spending enough quality time to get to know the person.  Months down the road you realize this woman is an idiot or she doesn’t see the world at all like you do.  Maybe she’s been to prison for attempted murder of a  man who looks just like you.  You never know because you never got to know her.

19.  Casual dating is the continuous feeling of being awkward with her or multiple women.  You’re never quite relaxed with the woman and you never really know what to say or what not to say.  You remain in limbo or stay in common ground – not asking intimate questions.

20.  Casual dating can mean waking up feeling lonely.

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