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Porn Facts: The Good, Bad, the Ugly.

Porn Facts:
There Are Good Aspects of Porn
and There Are Bad Aspects of Porn.

porn factsHi Guys –

I’ve done my research and discovered some “Porn Facts”.
I have some shocking things to tell you.  This stuff comes from very reliable sources, so please listen up. OK?

I feel Porn is a good thing if it encourages you to have a better sex life with your partner, but if you’re watching a lot of “porn” and you’re NOT having a sex life at all or your physical sex life with another person is decreasing, then it’s NOT a good thing.

Do You Want to Watch Porn or
Have Sex with Your Girlfriend?
(If you have a girlfriend)

There is some good stuff about porn and not so good stuff.  Everything in moderation is the key, right?   If you’re spending more time watching PORN than trying to find a nice sweet girlfriend, then that’s NOT a good thing.  Porn addiction can be lonely.sadman-3 read more


Abusive Women. 10 Types of Women to Avoid.

Here Are 10 Types of “Abusive Women” You Should Avoid.  Avoiding These Women Will Save You Time, Money and Heartache.

Abusive women are seldom a topic.   Women are told all the time about what “type” of men to avoid.  However, the topic of what “type” of women to avoid seldom receives much attention.  It’s time we talk about it.

Too many men live in abusive relationships because of the women they chose to date or marry.  This blog posting will be all about “abusive women” and how they can make a man’s life miserable.  These toxic women usually take advantage of gentle and kind men – only because they CAN. read more


Engagement Rings: Scam of the Century.

Guys Don’t Buy Diamond
Engagement Rings!

Matter of Fact Do Not Buy Diamonds
at All!  Ever!  It’s a SCAM! It’s Total Bullshit!

Hey Guys!

Engagement Rings is a Scam and a total Rip-off.   Matter of fact, all diamonds are a scam.  Our society has been brain-washed and misguided purposely by cleaver advertising and propaganda about diamonds – the scheme is to take from you and enrich some of the wealthiest tyrants of this century.   Please help us to inform other men and women that diamonds are junk and their value is grossly inflated.  It’s a total SCAM.  

It’s a shame that millions of people have bought into the scam of the century.   A way a man show’s his love for a woman is with a diamond ring that is almost completely “worthless” and it puts the man either in debt or causes a major dent in his bank account.  This is a sad fact. read more

Free Backgound Check: Is She Telling the Truth?

Dating is all about finding the right person.
Free background check is possible.

You can perform a free background check on anyone you wish.  It’s almost essential to perform background checks on anyone you Free Backgound Checksbring into your personal life.

Make sure the woman is not a “Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing”.   Your life is worth protecting.  It is possible to perform a free back ground check with free public sources.

Make Sure You Do a Background Check on Any Woman if She Has These Tell-Tale Signs.  This is Great Advice.

Instructions on how to do a free background check yourself.  It’s usually free. 

1.  Go to the website for your local police and sheriff. Search by the person’s name or any other names he or she may use. Go to the state’s department of corrections website and complete the same search. Check the National Child Molester database.Free Backgound Checks read more


Breaking Up is Not Easy. Men, Here Is Your Solution.

breaking upBreaking Up Is Never Easy.
Helpful Hints To Get You
Up and Moving Again.

1. Let yourself mourn the loss of her.

Again, breaking up is never easy.  I don’t believe any man gets married or jumps head first into a relationship saying “I can’t wait until this relationship is over.” Even if you wanted to your separate way, it’s still a loss in your mind and always will be.

It doesn’t matter what experience you had in your relationship the  break up is GRIEF

It’s not wise to dwell on the things you could have done or didn’t do.  Loss is still a loss. An empty space is there where something once filled it, even if that something was not what you wanted. read more