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cougar womenHey Studs!  I’m only 38 years old and I think I still look good enough to attract younger guys in their 20s.  I’m pretty proud of that.  Yes, I’m giving you tips concerning “Hot Cougars”,

Yes, I’m a “Cougar” and I admit – I do enjoy younger men.  Many of my female friends do not fully understand my attraction to younger men, but I know what it is and that’s all that matters.

Most cougar women are very independent and do not need to be supported by an older man – so, a “Cougar” is free to go wherever her spirit leads her.


Here’s a Video About Cougars –

Another team player posted this great posting for you.  I promise it will  help you.

I’m not really concerned or have any desire for a so-called meaningful long term relationship and certainly not interested in marriage right now at all.  I all I want is a good “F_ck!”

I like a good looking younger man who can keep it up for hours.  I want a long hard “F_ck” that will last 3 maybe 4 hours straight –  then I want him to go home an never call me.   I’m sorry, but I just want the sex.  That’s all.   My girl friends don’t understand and thing about cougar women.  oh well…, it’s their loss.

I like to pick up a young man about once a week and take him home with me.  Naturally, I’m hoping he’s good in bed, but that’s the chances you take.  I can usually pick out a good lover or stud.  There are certain tell-tale signs.

That’s the great thing about our expert coaches – they give out all the great ways to meet women …..even HOT COUGARS , you know, those older women who know what they’re doing in bed?

There are lots of cougar dating websites – but most are scams.  Very few of those sites are legitimate.   Most of the Cougar websites have fake photos and fake profiles.  I you get a response it’s usually not real.  If you’re like me and you’re going to spend money each month, then you want the REAL thing.

When I find a good Cougar website – I’ll let you know, just check my blog often or when you pick up your FREE Girls Call You method, we’ll let you know with our free newsletter for single men, like you.

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cougar womenHOT HUGS,
a Team Player

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