Free Backgound Check: Is She Telling the Truth?

Dating is all about finding the right person.
Free background check is possible.

You can perform a free background check on anyone you wish.  It’s almost essential to perform background checks on anyone you Free Backgound Checksbring into your personal life.

Make sure the woman is not a “Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing”.   Your life is worth protecting.  It is possible to perform a free back ground check with free public sources.


Make Sure You Do a Background Check on Any Woman if She Has These Tell-Tale Signs.  This is Great Advice.

Instructions on how to do a free background check yourself.  It’s usually free. 

1.  Go to the website for your local police and sheriff. Search by the person’s name or any other names he or she may use. Go to the state’s department of corrections website and complete the same search. Check the National Child Molester database.Free Backgound Checks

2.  Check for listings of the person at the property appraiser’s web site and the tax collector’s websites.

If these places have not put their records online, you will need to go to the recording office and the tax office to search for property listings and tax listings.

3. Check for business listings at the Secretary of State’s office. There are many searches, including but not limited to UCC filings and business ownership filings that can be done, usually online, at the Secretary of State’s office.

4.  Check the name at the Clerk of Court. Many clerks are now online. Contact the different branches of the clerk-circuit court, criminal court, probate court, etc.

If the court records are not online (the docket is usually sufficient), you may need to go to the clerk’s office and request a search on the person’s name.

Free Backgound Checks5.  If you know “she” has moved to the state you reside in the past 10 years,  then Check the same records in other states.

Although you can do a free background check yourself on other women as well, it is sometimes faster and more efficient to simply pay a private investigator or use an “honest” online background check service.  It all depends how much you value your assets and your future with a particular woman.

A quality background service can be extremely beneficial for finding out information about the other person.  You can gather facts very quickly and anonymously by using the right service.

Free Backgound ChecksThere some reliable online services and NOT so reliable.

There are lots of paid online services, but some are not as reliable as they should be.  Here are a few findings you might get:

  • Check Public Records
  • Search Public Records By Name
  • Instantly run as many background checks as needed.
  • Get Full & Accurate Report.Try Now!
  • Find Warrants By Name
  • Discover Their Past Wit Just A Few Clicks
  • Get Peace of Mind.

Tips and Warning:

  •  Do complete searches using different “spelling” variations of a person’s name.
  • You may not be able to get all the records needed by doing your own search on the Internet.
  • Sometimes hiring a private investigator can be somewhat expensive but it’s the best.  Or purchasing a background check service  can be quite beneficial.  We recommend the background check service we provided above.

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