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In accordance with Federal Trade Commission Requirements we want to make sure ALL VISITORS are aware of the following;  we will receive payment from the majority of dating site vendors when visitors  choose to join a recommended dating website or product offered from this website.  

Our dating reviews and product offers are always honest and forthright and represent our opinions.  According to FTC guidelines this message is supposed to be shared prominently on any site that earns income via affiliate business relationships.  Unlike most sites which continue to simply ignore federal laws, we, on the other hand, wish to make sure our visitors and consumers are fully aware of this relationship so an informed decision can be made.


Our affiliate relationships helps make this awesome website possible for you to enjoy and to benefit from.

Please also see our privacy policy above as well.

Thank you for choosing GirlsCallYou – website to stay informed on about all the best online dating sites and products offered to day.

State of the Online Dating Scene

Today, there are literally thousands of online dating sites and other products offered.

We Thoroughly Research All Our Vendors. 

You can be well assured we provide you with the best, most honest and best quality products and services available.

Unfortunately, most online dating websites, in our opinion, are scams.  There are a wide variety of issues people commonly complain about concerning dating sites. This varies from too few members and some dating sites intentionally create and placed fake dating profiles and re-billing after you have clearly cancelled your membership still run rampant in the industry.

We will be adding a SCAM report very soon – to help inform our valued guests and members.   We want to help you find connections with women and help you avoid the pitfalls and guide you along your way of getting the most out of online dating!

Welcome to “Girls Call You”  – the girl connection website! Our goal is to be considered your authority on the subject of dating and getting women.  We are gradually earning a reputation as a trusted source for dating tips, trusted vendors and quality products.

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