Got a Crush: 49 Questions to Ask Her.

Got a Crush – 49 Questions to Ask Her to Help Get Acquainted Fast.


Hi guys – I created these questions to help you get acquainted fast with a new woman you just met.

These questions will be great conversation starters as well as allow you both to get acquainted and know each other better much faster.

1. What has been the biggest mistake of your life so far?

2. Would you rather be happier or more intelligent?

3. What made you cry the last time?

4. What experience in your life caused you to be the most nervous?  (A great questions if you have a crush)

5. What about you would your parents or relatives be surprised to learn?

6. What would be your worst habit or addiction?

7. What type of power would you like to have over others?

8. What fictional or non-fictional person do you think about most?

9. Where in the world would you like to live, if you could move there tomorrow?

10. What irritates you the most about other people – what is your biggest pet peeve?

11. Of all the people on earth, who knows you better than anyone?

12. What activities do you enjoy the most?

13. What award would you like to receive someday?

14. What’s the last book you enjoyed?

15. What movie is your favorite?

16. What age brought about the most fun or excitement for you?

17. If you could go back to the past; what suggestion or advice would you want to give yourself?   (this is just one more good question to ask if you have a crush – get to know her fast.)

18. What is the #1 experience you really want to do – before you die?

19. Which would you rather do;  Apologize for your actions or ask for permission?

20. Which would you want most;  unlimited love or unlimited money supply?

21. If you got news that you will die in a week or month – what would you want to experience?

22. What’s song currently or in the past have you listened to most?

23. Are you a beach person or a mountain person?

24. If you could have been really good at doing something . . what would it be?

25. What would you do and buy if you won the lottery?

26. Which celebrity would you want to meet?

27. If you were song writer/singer or actor – what would be the title of your alum or movie?

28. What about your silly mess ups do your friends still laugh about?

29. What condiment do you like the best?

30. How many people would you invite to house party?

31. What age gave you the most problems?

32. What stands out in your mind about the strangest deal breaker of your life?

33. What fictional or non-fictional character reminds you of yourself and your personality?

34. Do you believe good things happen to good people ?

35. What was your favorite TV show as a child?

36. What is the strangest thing you find attractive in a person?

37. Are you good at answering questions on game shows?

38. What is something you’re superstitious about, but you seldom tell anyone?

39. What is the most scary situation you have ever experienced?

40. What person do you think should run for a public office if you could choose?

41. What goofy song do you have memorized and you sing to yourself often?

42. What one person, who has passed, would you want to have drinks and dinner with?

43. Do you feel it is beneficial to remain updated on the daily local and world news?

44. What is the very best “gift” you’ve ever received?

45. Would you have one of your fingers surgically removed if you could have free Wifi or free phone expense for the remainder of your life?

46. What’s would you like to experience if you were the opposite sex for one day?

47. If someone told you that you could give one person a gift and had an unlimited budget–what gift would you give and for whom?

48. What is the best compliment someone could say about you?

49. Would you like to live in a massive mansion in the city or a smaller house in the country?

BONUS QUESTION – 50. What is the best kept secret among your family members?

I hope you enjoyed this bog, if so, please tell your friends about our website.  It will mean a lot to us.  Thanks.

Take care,
a Team Member

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