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The definition of MILF is;  Mothers I’d Like to Fuck.  I realize it’s sort of silly.  However, one of the writers in a movie made it popular and it just sort of stuck.  I believe this is the 2nd generation where young men are calling women with children a MILF and it appears to still be going strong.

hotmilfsMany people refer MILF as a Cougar.  However, many still call women with children a MILF.

The really hot-milfs can be found hanging around where their children play sports.  Soccer games, softball, tennis clubs, church and just about any grocery store or local gym.

Don’t get hotMILFs confused with “Cougars”.  Some “MILFs” can be considered as “Cougars, but some cougars may not be “MILFs”.   Why you ask?  Because although there are older women, it doesn’t mean they have children.   Get it?

This is the real world.  There are literally thousands of divorced ‘single’ moms with children.  You shouldn’t have any problem spotting a HOTmilf anywhere in public, no matter what town or city you live.

The really HOTMILFs that keep their body in shape are usually on the prowl and are seeking either sex or a man (relationship) or possibly marriage.  Most HOTmilfs who stay in shape use their body as a lure.  Not always but sometimes this is a very true statement.

Brief but Powerful MILF Interview.
She gives advice on how to approach a MILF.

You can notice HOTmilfs by how she walks, struts or making sure she’s noticed.   She will wear clothes that enhance her best ‘assets’.

She may wear a blouse that shows off her cleavage, short skirt or shorts to show off her legs and butt.   The HOTmilfs are certainly on the prowl if she smiles at you and gives you more than just a slight glance.hotmilfs

Many HotMilfs are just like Cougars, they are attracted to younger men.  Younger men have lots of stamina and can be used for sex toys without any emotional ties or relationship hassles.

You can also try online websites that cater to MILFs, Cougars and other mature women.

Three things you never ask HOTmilfs. 

hotmilfs1.  What is your age.
2.  How many children do you have. 
  Have you had plastic surgery.   These are not areas of her life you need to know about.   Many Hotmilfs lead very private lives.   Make sure you always give her respect and do not cross boundaries.

No matter what, you should always remain a gentleman and treat her like a lady.   Keep your own personal feelings to yourself.   She hotmilfsmay just need and want a special “booty call” on occasion.  Allow her to be her own woman.

Do not try to dictate or control her.   A HOtmilf is more than likely enjoying her independence and her life is finally hers to enjoy the best she can.

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