How Does Tinder Work – Great Way to Meet Girls.

How Does Tinder Work  – Should You Use it to Meet Girls?

how does Tinder workWhat is Tinder?

How Does Tinder Work? This seems to be a popular question today.

Tinder, in a “nut-shell” is simply an app for online dating.  It’s as simple as that.  It’s really a great way to meet girls.

It actually matches a man and a woman or “couples” based completely on their “LOOKS”, age preference and distance willing to travel.

The system will ALERT you when OTHER users arehow does Tinder work within an age range, gender and distance from you which is determined from your quick and easy info provided by your Facebook profile.  It’s very easy to sign up and that’s why it’s so popular  –  there is no lengthy application like so many dating sites have today.

All you do is wait for your ALERT.  ALL you do is decidehow does Tinder work if you are attracted to the person or not.   If you are not attracted to them – it’s your secret.

Tinder will let you know if you’re both attracted to each other.  Tinder sends both of you a message that there is a common attraction.  Tinder provides a private chat room so you “both” can get better acquainted.  This is a great way to get acquainted quickly.

Is Tinder a good way to meet girls?

You will eventually have to determine if “Tinder” is forhow does Tinder work you.   We cannot make that decision for you.   All we can say is;  thousands of single people are using it to meet each other.

Tinder understand the first thing two people notice about each other is their “looks”.  Usually you are attracted to them or you’re not.   Then if you’re attracted, possibly you can get acquainted.

It’s nearly like going to a “Club” and looking at all the faces and bodies.   Either you’re attracted to the woman or you’re not.  Tinder is very similar.

How does Tinder work? It’s easy.  This is exactly how it will for you.

1. Tinder is just a very simple downloadable app.

2. Log in with your Facebook profile, specify your gender and age range of the people you’d like to meet, and the travel distance you’re willing to travel to meet.

3.  When Tinder finds people who match those criteria it places cards on your screen that show a large photo of the person; tap this to view their brief profile.

4.  You will notice a heart icon – just tap the heart if you’re attracted to them.   Tap the cross if you’re not attracted to her.   You can also swipe off and go to the next available match.

5.  If you’re attracted to a woman who is also attracted to you, then TINDER will notify you that there is a match.   Tinder will provide a message function to allow you both to get acquainted.

Do you want to know how to get Tinder on your phone?

1.  Go to Google App Store.
2. Tinder is a free app for Android or iOS.
3.  Download the App.
4. You’ll also need a Facebook account to log in.
5.  This is necessary for Tinder to match you with girls and women – also your age, etc.
6.  Tinder uses Facebook infor to set up your profile and photos.

Here’s a question we get alot.
Do I need “movie star” looks in order
to meet girls on Tinder?

how does Tinder work

Always remember this;  Beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder.   Look around in your every day world.  Not every man you see looks like a movie star, but yet many of them are with dates, are married and some have families.  Their wives love them very much.  Keep this in mind too – not all girls have “movie start” looks and many of them ask this same question.  No worries – there is someone out there for each person.

How Does Tinder Work by just sending me girls – this sounds too easy?

What usually happens is this;  the guy will download his app and wait for the Alerts from Tinder that girls are wanting to meet him.   YOU must take action.  Use how does Tinder workTinder to view girls on the system.  Let Tinder know you’re available and you’re attracted to the girls you selected.  Make sure you select the “girls” within you’re  similar age and ‘looks” category.

Think about this:  if the girl appears like she works out in a gym at least 3 or 4 times a week and you haven’t touched a gym other than driving past one or two, then chances are she is probably attracted to other gym rats.

If you’re 40 lbs over-weight – then select a few girls who are also over-weight.  Maybe you guys can join a gym together.  In order for Tinder to work, then you must get off your butt and show interest in the girls on the system.

What if I show interest in a certain woman, but I never hear back?

The only way someone will know if you’re attracted to them  on Tinder is if they are attracted to you as well.  A match is made and the messaging function between the pair of you becomes active.   You will not receive a reject letter – no worries.

How does Tinder Work  when I do not want to hurt a girl’s feeling?   Will any of the girls know that I’m not attracted to them?

That is the best part about the Tinder system.  It only alerts those who are attracted to each other.  Nobody will know if someone is not attracted to them.

What if Tinder sends me several matches of girls I’m attracted to.  What do I do?

Well, if you’re one of the lucky ones, then Phase two is about to happen.   You message function of Tinder will how does Tinder workbe activated.  You should start chatting with the girls to get acquainted – then you can decide who you would like to meet in person.  You can pick and choose the girls you wish to chat with and know better.

Tinder sounds like it might be a playground for all the crazies in the world.

Tinder is no different than other online dating service or meeting people in a coffee shop.  You never know who someone is until you know them better.  Plus there is not chance of receiving “unsolicited” messages from anyone.

The Cons of Tinder . . .

1.   The local distance function could be messed up.  The first thing to ask when you’re in active message mode with a girl is;  ask her what city she lives in.   Sometimes the distance function does not work properly and you’ll waste time chatting with a woman 1,000 miles away from you.

2.   The amount of sexy beautiful women who you will be matched with depends on how many beautiful women you already have on your Facebook account.   Go out and makes friends with as many good looking women on Facebook as possible.

3.  If you’re an older man seeking younger women, unfortunately, you’ll be automatically matched with women that are your age.  Most women using Tinder do not know how to properly set up the age function on their Tinder account.

4.  Be careful of the time wasting “scammers” or cam girls.  Many of them are on Tinder trying to earn a buck.  If they start a sexual conversation early on the chat session, then they are usually a cam girl.

5.  Do women like receiving “dick pics?”  Find out the dos and don’ts of texting “dick pics”.

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