How to Flirt with a Girl Over Text – Discover the Magic Words.

One Time or Another Nearly Every Man Wants to know “How To Flirt with a Girl Over Text”.    Discover Everything You Need to Know.

how to flirt with a girl over textHey guys –

Now, listen up.  It’s not difficult to learn “how to flirt with a girl over text”.   I’m going to explain everything I know then you’ll also get to learn from an expert.   Fair enough?

I’m going to give you some fast and furious rules to follow.  OK?

Take Control of the Text Communication –
Always maintain control.
You must come across as a confident man.  You don’t have to be some control freaky guy – but you let her know you can make decisions on your own.   Don’t let her tell you what you need or how to flirt with a girl over textwant.

Never Act Needy To Her – If So, She will Disappear.
Even if you not busy, act like you have places to go and people to see.  You have loads of people who need and require your attention.  Give her the impression you’ll try to fit her into your schedule.   Don’t be arrogant – but be very confident.  A man on a mission.

how to flirt with a girl over textShe Must Be Comfortable With You.   Act Like She Already Knows You.

Do not ask her a series of questions.  Do not become some interviewer.   Do not get serious with her – keep it fun and light hearted.   Don’t tell her too much about yourself yet.   Treat her like  you do your buddies for now.  

Never be Re-Active – In other words, do not allow her to see any emotion. 
Don’t let her know that she upset you and don’t let her know that her remarks made you feel good either.

It Helps to Have a Teasing Personality With Her . . .how to flirt with a girl over text
You want her to know that you do not and will not put her on a pedestal.  You’re letting her know you will not kiss her ass.  

You have too many women who want you.   You are allowing her to be your equal.

Try Imitating The Type of Messages and the Length of thehow to flirt with a girl over text Texts that She Sends You.

If she sends a short “one” word text – you send a “one” word text.  If she sends a full sentence – then you send a full sentence.  She will think you’re like her.  She will feel closer to you.  All you have to do is mirror or imitate what she does.

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