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How to Attract Women with Your Own Body Language

Communication is an important fact. Body language makes up 90% of that communication. Women are great at noticing subconscious signals! Thankfully, body language is easy to correct and the results are almost instant: people will feel more comfortable approaching you and your confidence will increase as well.

Posture is extremely important.  Nearly all women are attracted to confidence.  Display your confidence by walking with your head tilted slightly up, back straight, and your shoulders back.  Never walk with head down and hands in pockets. If you have a drink in your hand, don’t hold it in front of your chest (this closes you off); instead, hold the drink down by your side.

Relax when you sit down.
Sprawl a little
– take up space.

If you cross your arms and/or legs and lean forward, then it makes you look unapproachable or shy. Instead, let your arms hang by your sides and lean back.

Spread your legs too, if you can. Take up space.  Let them know this is your territory.   Women like that. Women are automatically programmed to seek out a dominant male.  Always expose your palms when possible and stand with feet apart.

Stay calm, especially when you speak.  Don’t rush your speech. Don’t show a lot of emotion when you speak.  Women will not think you’re in control of the situation or any situation.   Tone means a lot too. Be Confident men use controlled motions. Do not fidget or touch your face.

Always make eye contact with the women when you’re talking.  Do not stare, but gaze into her eyes on occasion.   These are sure fire methods on “How to Get Laid”.

It indicates you have power, confidence and you’re trustworthy.  Inability to make eye contact indicates weakness. It’s okay to occasionally break eye contact, but make sure to do it while SHE is speaking, not when you’re speaking.  When you do look away, look to the side, not down.

During a conversation, look into a woman’s LEFT eye. The left eye is associated with the creative/conceptual side of the brain. If you speak to the right eye, which is associated with the logical side of the brain, she might put up more of a wall when you try to make your move.

When You’re Talking to A Women Do Not Put Your Hands in Your Pockets.
(if you must – only your thumbs)


Never Cross Your Arms When In Conversation With the Woman . . .


How to Make Yourself Appear to be More Desirable to Her . . .

If you weren’t blessed with exceptional movie star good looks, don’t worry. Women are attracted to personality even more.  Most men can make up for a lack of good looks with a great confident personality.

Being yourself, relax and confident is the best thing you can do.  Following is a list of the top 5 traits by category that women desire in a man.  Try to weave these traits into a conversation or you it’s nice to imply that you are  1. Faithful  2.  Dependable  3. Kind  4.  You have moral integrity.   This is what she likes and wants.

She also wants you to be  1. humorous  2.  generous  3.   Smart 4.  Confident  5.  Passionate.

She will be noticing if you;   1.  are a good listener  2.  are romantic  3.  Do you smell good?   she will notice your cleanliness and if you have good Hygiene  4.  Giving lover  5.  Earning potential

Visually, most women are more drawn to large eyes, high cheekbones and broad chin.  However, a strong personality will always out weigh her physical desires. Your personality and how you carry yourself are often more important.

Most men can usually improve their “look” by simply smiling more.  Most women are not into facial hair – but if you have it, make sure it is very neat

Women actually like style better than good looks. Don’t dress like a piggy slob. Take some pride in your appearance and practice good hygiene.  Most women like their man to be taller than they are, but a shorter man can make up for this by making the woman feel safe, small, and warm.

Women do not like a “push-over”.  Don’t rush to answer your phone every time she calls – let it go to voice mail on occasion.  Cause her to wait awhile before calling her back or wait until she calls again.

Sexy Beautiful Women are Everywhere – but Sometimes You Must Pick and Choose Wisely.

If you plan to go out one day or afternoon with the intent of meeting women, then do not go to the usual places.   Gyms are probably the worst place to meet women.  Women have their guard up because most gyms have become a “meat market”.

Go and do things where it’s not so obvious.  Walk your dog in the park.  Girls are always walking their dog.  Go roller blading in the park.   Meet girls at clothing stores “boutiques”  – ask a woman to help you find a birthday present for your “niece”.    Meet women by asking them directions – especially inside a Mall.  Ask them if they are headed in the same direction and mind if you walked with them.

Here’s How NOT to
Set Yourself up for Rejection.

Here’s a Hint About Women.  DO NOT Pursue a Woman Who disconnects Eye Contact and Looks Left or Right … this means she’s not interested in you and may NOT be available.   Do not waste your time – you’ll be rejected.   Only pursue women who are interested.  When getting eye contact from a woman in a room – never look away.  If she disconnect eye contact, but looks down – she’s probably interested.  If she maintains eye contact with you, just give a slight smile and a nod of the head.

Conversation Tips for Single Men.

First of all, don’t use pick-up lines – EVER.  They don’t work. It’s very important to introduce yourself. Offering a handshake will show that you are mature.  Provide a reason for why you’re at the place you are.  You can break the ice in a non-threatening way by talking about your surroundings. If humor is your stick, start off with some playful jokes about the place  to make her feel relaxed. Remember to smile.

Next, ask questions – but keep it light.  Never ask her personal questions. Women love to talk about themselves. Consider asking her about her work or where she’s from. Let the conversation flow naturally and talk about yourself only when appropriate.  Try to let a little more than 50% of the conversation be about her. Mention things about yourself when you notice common interests. This will lead you to an opportunity to ask her on a date.

First Date.
1.  Never talk about ex girlfriend or ex wife.
2.  Be kind and generous to the wait staff or people around you.
3.  Do not talk sex, politics or religion.

If she drives herself home, it’s a good idea to text her an hour later to make sure she got home safely, but leave it at that. Wait 2 days before contacting her or you’ll come off as too eager (this is a turn off because it makes you seem desperate).

Discover the Art of Seduction and How to Get Laid and Seriously Pick Up Girls . . .

If you;re just seeking a one-night stand or something “casual”…start off with something spontaneous. Women like spontaneity.  Ask her about herself and really listen to what she says. Pay attention to her body language. Is she confident? Nervous? Playing with her hair or earlobe is a clear sign that she’s interested. If she smiles without showing her teeth or smiles while looking away, she’s bored. If she laughs or gives you a toothy smile, keep up the good work.

Within 15 minutes  . . . You Will Be Able to Know if She’s into You and if Casual Sex Could Be on the Menu. 

Find out if she’s single early in the conversation – but don’t make it obvious. If she has a boyfriend and is loyal to him, she’ll bring it up on her own. You can start off with a compliment, but don’t go overboard. Too many compliments will make you seem creepy. Never lie to a woman. If you’re clear about what you want, she won’t be misled.

Ask her questions that allow her to share emotions (such as “what does this song make you think about?”), listen to what she says, and share your own opinions. Be honest and open with her. Mention something personal about yourself to show her that you have a sensitive side to you.

If the conversation seems to be going well, create sexual tension. Brief, gentle touches can do more than you think. Eye contact and a lingering gaze will ignite a feeling of attraction. Using the words “us” and “we” will make her feel comfortable (for example, “we should watch out for this bartender, he makes really strong drinks).

Do You Need a Wingman To Get Laid?

Only weak men need the services of a Wingman. Wingmen are only good if you require an extra dose of teamwork or if the girls is playing “hard to get”.  A confident man does not require a wingman.   Wingmen are only good for one thing – and that is to help SELL the woman on YOU.   Plus, if you’re going to choose a wingman, make sure he is less handsome as you and less humorous.  You don’t want to lose your woman to the wingman.   The wingman must not be a ‘cock-blocker” but should always have your best interests at heart.

Why do Women like Older Guys? What about Dating Older Women?

It’s a well-known fact that most women are attracted to older men. Most girls or women are often tired of all the drama from dealing with guys of similar age. When a woman looks at an older man, she sees someone strong, independent, and confident. Older men are worldly, have experience, are financially stable, and have more experience in the bedroom. In other words, they know just how to satisfy her.   Women look for this more than you know.

Should Most Men Date Younger Women?

If you’re interested in a younger woman, be her friend first. Don’t act like all you want is to remove her panties. Be spontaneous, patient, and aim to please. Dress nicely (think suave) and wear cologne. Never make the first move with a younger woman.

If something is going to happen between the two of you, it will be her choice. Most important of all, respect her.   Don’t make her feel young and don’t assume you have to take care of her. Never use phrases that start with “When I was your age…” or “You weren’t even born when…”

When dating a younger woman, don’t keep anything a secret. If you’re divorced or have children, tell her right away. Women find it sexy when a man is empowered enough to discuss his feelings. It’s also important to treat her just like you’d treat a girlfriend of similar age.

Pay for her dinner and take her to nice events to show your financial stability. However, don’t make a habit of flashing cash and don’t wear obnoxiously big or expensive watches. Be aware of your tone. Do you sound supportive? Patronizing?

Are You Into Older Women?

Most Cougars are seeking HOT young studs.  They are seeking a younger man with stamina. (well, some of them are).   Usually they are NOT seeking a relationship, but sometimes they are –  do not assume anything with a Cougar.   Beware – older women won’t put up with immaturity.  Be on your best behavior, be polite and treat her like a lady.   Follow these tips when dating an older woman:

  • Be assertive
  • Don’t use the word cougar
  • Don’t call attention to the age gap
  • Take things slow and really get to know her

Since she is more experienced with sex, she will know what she wants. Be prepared for her to tell you what to do and to relinquish a little bit of the control in the bedroom. When dating an older woman, it is less likely that she will be submissive.  Don’t try to sneak anything past her. She’s usually much more experienced with the ways of men and their clever tactics and B.S.  She knows all of your tricks.

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