How to Lose Weight Fast for Men. Dating Again?

How to Lose Weight Fast for Men  – Here is a Simple Way to Lose Fat Without Starving

There is no doubt about it,  a slim and leaner body is healthier than a fatty body with less muscle.   Women are usually more attracted to a man who is healthy and leaner.   Usually a man who is healthier can provide and protect his family more proficiently than a man who could be prone to disease or other illnesses.  This goes back to the caveman days.

Also, most men are usually more attracted to a women who appears to be healthier and leaner as well.  Men are not usually attracted to women who are prone to diseases or beyond child bearing years.  Again, this goes back to the cave man days.

Diseases and viruses lie in the fatty deposits of the body.  Bodies that have large amounts of fat usually have the most health disorders, diseases and their lives are usually and unfortunately cut short.  Healthier people usually live happier and longer lives.

We sincerely hope this information helps to change your life.

You will be shocked how easy it is.  How to lose weight fast for MEN is much easier than you can imagine.  The trick is to never starve or allow your stomach to be empty.  You must eat to lose fat – but you must eat the right foods.  You may actually enjoy all the foods.  Here are some simple Dos and Dont’s to losing fat fast.

You goal is to eat 5 or 6 small meals a day.  Each meal has protein, fresh vegetables or fruit.  No starch – Low Carb or low glycemic.

1. Always Eat a Man’s Breakfast
Do not eat bread, toast, bagels, biscuits or any type of cereal in theHow to Lose Weight Fast for Men morning.  That’s for fat people who do not care.   You must eat a man’s meal.  Protein will give you energy.  High sugar meals gives you “fake” energy – doesn’t last and slows down your metabolism.

Either have a large high protein “WHEY” shake with a blended banana OR eat 4 poached eggs or a 4oz. breakfast steak.  Eat a side dish of fruit (Cantaloupe, strawberries, blue berries)  Do not eat scrambled eggs or fried eggs. Stay away from pork.

2. Eat More of the right foods – not less.
Do not eat chips or crackers of any kind.  Do not eat desserts.  These are all loaded with sugar.  Sugar slows down your metabolism.  Eat mixed nuts or almonds.  This will easily satisfy the crunch cravings while supplying you with more protein.How to Lose Weight Fast for Men

3. Just Say No to Starches!  Starches are foods that turn to sugar quickly!
Foods like pasta, white bread, and potatoes make you fat.  This all turns to sugar too quickly.  Sugar is your enemy!  Replace with steamed brown rice and vegetables.

Nearly all fruit is good for you.  You should eat about 4 to 6 servings of fruit and vegetables each day just to maintain proper “fiber” in in your diet.  Think of fiber as a broom that  sweeps out the garbage from your intestines and colon.  Plus fiber will provide regular “daily” bowel movements.

4. Weight Resistance and Running Sprints or intervals (Cardio)
You do not need to live in a gym or spend hours per day working out.  However, building or creating muscle helps to burn calories.  You must take in protein to create muscle strength.  Without the proper protein – How to Lose Weight Fast for Men even your best work-outs are meaningless.    All you need to do is a minimum of about 20 minutes per day.

Do Weight resistanceExample:  2-3 sets of push ups or (bench presses)  2-3 sets of arm curls.  2-3 sets of leg lunges.  Do 2 -3 sets of deep knee bends.  These are all simple exercises you can do to get started.

Run sprints either using stairs or run in your own neighborhood if possible.  Run about 30 to 50 yards, then walk.  Rinse and repeat for 20 minutes.     Try this:   MWF = weight resistance.  Thursday and Sat = 20 minute cardio   Sunday is a day of rest.

5. Eat Slow.

Eat slow.  Enjoy your food.  Chew it up and make it easier for your How to Lose Weight Fast for Men stomach acids to digest. There is an old saying;  “Drink your food.”

Side note:  The leaner the protein, the better.  Alaskan Salmon, Chicken without antibiotic/hormones, grass fed “Beef” and or “Bison” are excellent choices for lean protein.   Black or kidney beans served with brown rice creates the proper protein as well.   Pork is probably the worst type of protein – as it’s high in fat and it’s an unclean animal.  Pigs will eat their own feces.

6. What do you do with irresistible cravings?   Want to eat pizza?
We already know it’s not the best thing to eat when losing fat.  However, if the cravings get too much, eat a couple of slices – just do not eat the entire pizza.  Only eat low carbs if you wish to lose fat How to Lose Weight Fast for Men fast.  The cravings might be difficult at first, but it gets easier—especially when you see the results.

Side note:   Many times the cravings you have for “sugar” or high carb foods are the parasites and “worms” inside your body.  They feed mostly on sugar.  When you have cravings for sugar it’s usually the parasites screaming “Feed Me!”.   Starve the parasites inside your body and they will die off – then you’ll have less cravings.

8. Do Not Drink Sodas with sugar or with sweeteners.  Say no to any type of soda drink.  Say NO to dairy products. (milk)
A clean fresh (reverse osmosis) water is the best.  Have a glass of wine on occasion.   Tea and coffee is alright to drink as well.  Do not drink sugary “juice” drinks.How to Lose Weight Fast for Men

10. Not ALL FAT is bad for you. 
Essential fatty acids (EFA) are essential and will help you lose the fat faster.  Eat 3 or 4 tables spoons of “Coconut Oil” each day.  This is a good fat and will increase your metabolism.

How to Lose Weight Fast For Men.  Get a lean body fast.  Discover a fat loss coach that will keep you on your target goal. 

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