Masterbation is good: Erotic and Fun for Lovers.

Masterbation is Erotic and Fun for Couples too!



Hey Guys –

First of all, I know how to spell masturbation correctly.  However, millions of men spell it like this – Masterbation.  So, this is how we will spell it in this blog posting.  OK? 

First, let’s get rid of the myth that masterbation is weird or kinky.  I don’t buy it and neither should you.   Girls or women love to masterbate and so do the guys.  Let’s not pretend like we don’t enjoy it because we do!   And there’s nothing wrong with it – matter of fact, I believe it’s the next best thing to hard throbbing penis. (just had to throw that in there.)

Add Masterbation to your Sex Sessions!

If you can throw in “Masterbation” in the equation during your sex sessions, then you’ll be adding an extra bonus into your sex life.

You’ll have loads of fun.  Did you know that women love to watch a man stroke his cock?  Yes, we do!  Please let us watch you stroke it – it makes us hot!

Plus every man I masterbationknow enjoys watching women “play” with themselves.

Want to surprise your girlfriend next time you see her?  Show up with a vibrating dildo and a vibrating cock ring.  I’m sure it will  make her eyes pop out with excitement.  (just a suggestion)

Masterbation is HOT.   Girls love to watch men stroke their penis.

Never get jealous of a stimulating vibrator.  Vibrators are just toys.  Men are the real thing.   Sex should be fun – don’t forget that.

You can even watch a good naughty porn video together – and you both can masterbate while watching?  Yes, you both can masturbate or help each other masturbate.   Whatever you decide to do can be fun and erotic.

masterbationMasterbation does not have to be ONLY for a lonely person without a lover.  It can be exciting to do as a couple as well.

Many of my girlfriends love to masturbate with their boyfriends.  You should try it when you’re with your next girlfriend.  She will appreciate it – I promise.

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Toys for Her and You!

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I hope my blog post was helpful.  Please tell a friend if it was. OK?

masterbationbig hugs,
a Team Player

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