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HotMilfs: Who, Where and How To Date MILFs.

 HotMilfs are Another Phenomenon.
Discover Who, What, Where and How You Can Get Your Turn with a HotMilf.

girlphone20Hey guys –

The definition of MILF is;  Mothers I’d Like to Fuck.  I realize it’s sort of silly.  However, one of the writers in a movie made it popular and it just sort of stuck.  I believe this is the 2nd generation where young men are calling women with children a MILF and it appears to still be going strong.

hotmilfsMany people refer MILF as a Cougar.  However, many still call women with children a MILF.

The really hot-milfs can be found hanging around where their children play sports.  Soccer games, softball, tennis clubs, church and just about any grocery store or local gym. read more


Abusive Women. 10 Types of Women to Avoid.

Here Are 10 Types of “Abusive Women” You Should Avoid.  Avoiding These Women Will Save You Time, Money and Heartache.

Abusive women are seldom a topic.   Women are told all the time about what “type” of men to avoid.  However, the topic of what “type” of women to avoid seldom receives much attention.  It’s time we talk about it.

Too many men live in abusive relationships because of the women they chose to date or marry.  This blog posting will be all about “abusive women” and how they can make a man’s life miserable.  These toxic women usually take advantage of gentle and kind men – only because they CAN. read more


How to Make Her Cum: She Will Love It.

How to Make Her Cum.   Making “Her” Cum Quickly Should Be Your Total Objective.

How to Make Her CumHey guys –  seriously this is not brain surgery.  How to make her cum is easier than you think. However, most men need a few hidden secrets.  Most men are misguided and misinformed on how to make her cum.  You can make a woman cum with the right techniques.   A woman’s body is not as complicated as you might think.

Even women are learning more about their bodies today.  It is no longer shameful to know what makes your body work.   How to make her cum is usually an awkward subject and it should not be embarrassing but it is for many people.  It’s the big elephant in the room that most people want to ignore until here recently. read more


Engagement Rings: Scam of the Century.

Guys Don’t Buy Diamond
Engagement Rings!

Matter of Fact Do Not Buy Diamonds
at All!  Ever!  It’s a SCAM! It’s Total Bullshit!

Hey Guys!

Engagement Rings is a Scam and a total Rip-off.   Matter of fact, all diamonds are a scam.  Our society has been brain-washed and misguided purposely by cleaver advertising and propaganda about diamonds – the scheme is to take from you and enrich some of the wealthiest tyrants of this century.   Please help us to inform other men and women that diamonds are junk and their value is grossly inflated.  It’s a total SCAM.  

It’s a shame that millions of people have bought into the scam of the century.   A way a man show’s his love for a woman is with a diamond ring that is almost completely “worthless” and it puts the man either in debt or causes a major dent in his bank account.  This is a sad fact. read more


How to Lose Weight Fast for Men. Dating Again?

How to Lose Weight Fast for Men  – Here is a Simple Way to Lose Fat Without Starving

There is no doubt about it,  a slim and leaner body is healthier than a fatty body with less muscle.   Women are usually more attracted to a man who is healthy and leaner.   Usually a man who is healthier can provide and protect his family more proficiently than a man who could be prone to disease or other illnesses.  This goes back to the caveman days.

Also, most men are usually more attracted to a women who appears to be healthier and leaner as well.  Men are not usually attracted to women who are prone to diseases or beyond child bearing years.  Again, this goes back to the cave man days. read more

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