How to Pick Up Girls: Discover Dos and Don’ts.

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How to Pick Up Girls Hey Men!

How to pick up girls.  Wow, now that’s a big topic!

First, ask yourself this question.  Why do you want to pick up girls?  Sounds like a simple question, but let’s see what it actually means. OK?

Most men want to pick up girls for SEX, right?  Very few men want to pick up girls to take home to mamma, then run to the church and get married.   Here’s a few dating tips you must have.

Watch how this average guy picks up
on this beautiful model at a book store.
He did it by being a gentleman.

Do you want to pick up girls so you can have a pleasant and a meaningful conversation that will eventually lead to a quality long term relationship?   I THINK NOT.    Picking up girls means you want to get it on with the BIG nasty, right?

Well, think a little bit about what that’s saying….I would say men under 30 are more interested in picking up women for a one-nighter or a couple of hours or 15 minutes.

Their hormones are going crazy and they have a constant erection.  Most men after they mature, usually have had a few experiences or have been married and maybe have one or two children.  They know meaningless sex is usually boring, so they usually seek a much more quality relationship.

So, I would venture to say most men who want to go out and pick up girls are wanting hot sex that day.  Am I correct?  I think I am.   If the men are mature and possibly older and wiser, then they probably have a more mature outlook and have more respect for women.

I hope you’re not the type of man who assumes most women are “sluts” and all you need is a good “pick up line” and she’s ready for hot sex.   Is this what you’re thinking?   Or are you the type of man who appreciates and admires the qualities of women, just like you enjoy and appreciate the qualities of your mother or maybe your sister or your grandmother.

When women know you love and appreciate women, then that’s  when you will get noticed – that’s when you will begin to meet women and that’s when you will discovered exactly what women want and need from a man.   Women can feel that you appreciate and love the qualities of a real woman.

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