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Press Release

Single Men Discover
Powerful ‘Girl’ Introduction Tool

It is no secret that most single men have an ever increasing problem meeting the opposite sex. The good news is; this problem can be solved today. Single men have been having this same old frustrating problem for decades and most single men end up sad, disappointed and alone. The feeling of rejection can be devastating for most men. Our society dictates that men must make the first daring move and unfortunately it scares men to death.

Over the years, there have been many “pick-up” books and courses. There have even been “how-to-pick-up-girls” reality TV shows. Men have even paid upwards of $5,000 and more for workshops and seminars to show them girl-meeting techniques, etc.

Shy men, rich men and even very handsome men all have problems dating or being with the women they desire. Most men fear rejection no matter what his bank balance or his looks. Many single men have been brain-washed into using methods like; memorizing goofy pick-up lines, becoming a good joke teller or single men must have a certain personality, body or bank balance in order to meet the girls of his dreams. Naturally, these methods seldom work.

Most men are seriously misled by society and certain “pick-up” books and courses. There is even a very popular TV show about a lady who charges millionaire men thousands of dollars for her services. She introduces women to millionaire men. This show proves that even “rich” men have a problem meeting and marrying women of their choice. Hank Andrews says, “I have a simple solution for these rich men.”

Hank says, “There are even courses that teach men how to “Flirt” – how absurd!” There are also courses that teach men how to change their personality, change their wardrobe, self image improvement and some courses teach men how to hypnotize women! Hank Andrews says, “This is all non-sense.”

Hank Andrews, the author of “Girls Call You”, clearly demonstrates there is no reason for a man to change who he is. Naturally, if a man has a psychological disorder, then he should seek a qualified therapist and should not take any type of advice from some guy who wrote a “girlie-pick-up” book, course or some expensive seminar on how to pick-up-girls.

Matter of fact, if any man wants to meet, date or explore intimacy with really sexy girls and women (of his choice) then he should simply use a very popular tool that most men have forgotten all about. The best part is; there is no rejection required when men use the right tool. Hank says, “This particular tool is perfect and it actually helps put an end to all the frustration, disappointment and loneliness most single men are experiencing.”

Millions of men unsatisfactory use classified ads, online dating services, off-line dating services, escorts, prostitutes and are often rejected using silly pick-up lines. Hank goes on to say, “When single men use the right tool – the “girls” (of their choice) will actually call them to get better acquainted. There is no reason for men to fear rejection ever again.”

Throughout the decades, millions of single men have had the same old fear of inserting beautiful women in their life for dating, casual fun or even marriage. The truth is; single men do not need to be lonely or going without a healthy sex life.

Hank says, “Thousands of men are now using the right tool – No matter what, by using the right tool, any single man can be with sexy beautiful women (of his choice). It is not brain surgery. Single men can drastically improve their love-life, sex-life and social-life almost overnight.”

It is a win-win deal when single men finally end up with the women of their dreams because single women also get what the man of their dreams too.

We Help Busy Single Men Find Women for Romance, Dates, Marriage, Fun.