Romantic Ideas: Best 1st Date Ideas For Single Men.

“Romantic Ideas”
Best First Date Ideas  . . .

romantic ideasOk, listen up guys. Some of you might think some of my suggestions about  “Romantic ideas” are corny, but you need to listen to me.  These romantic ideas are great for first dates and the girls will love them.

Guys, this is what you want to avoid if you want to impress a woman.  You want to be a take charge guy.  Avoid this type of conversation.   “I like to do most anything – what do you want to do?” “I don’t know… anything you like… what do you wanna do?”  “Umm… I don’t know…”

“Romantic Ideas” are easy and usually very inexpensive and the right woman will appreciate you more.  Not having a few plans ready to go is so wrong.  Have your 1st date all planned out and surprise her.  If she’s half the woman you hope for, then she’ll love these suggestions.  Choose something not too expensive, this way if the date is a “bust” you don’t have much invested.  Just a thought.

1.  Go feed the ducks at the lake (if you have any)  It’s a great way to talk, get acquainted and be with each other.

2.  Go find a tall building over looking the city.  Park as far up as you can or take an elevator.  Take a bottle of wine with you.  Sit up there and over look the lights of the city.   Think about it…nice huh?

romantic ideas3.  Go to the Zoo during the day – make it a surprise date for her.  She will never guess where you’re going in a hundred years.  Have fun, talk on the tour – get acquainted.  Laugh at the animals – a fun romantic place to be.  You can even watch animals have sex.

4.  Go for a picnic.  It’s cheap too.  A blanket, some good sandwiches, some wine and you’re good to go.  Sit out close to the water or a park.  Fun, relaxing and romantic.romantic ideas

5.  Is there a circus in town?  That’s always a fun place to be for a 1st date.  romantic ideas

6.  Some coffee shops have live music.  Try to get there a little early so you can get a good table.  Some coffee shops serve wine and beer now too.  It’s a great place to talk, be entertained and not to expensive either.romantic ideas

7.   Bring her over a DVD of her favorite movie genre, a pizza and a bottle of wine.  This can be fun, relaxing and romantic.  Maybe she has a fireplace too.

8.  A winery is always fun.  Go wine tasting.  They are usually located a few miles from a city.  A good time to get better acquainted too.

romantic ideas
9.  Some people say ‘Movie” theatres are a bad choice for a FIRST date because you cannot get acquainted very well.  I believe it’s fine – it still gives you both a chance to sit next to each other – share some pop-corn, laugh and get comfortable being with her.  After wards, you can have the movie to talk about – you can laugh, talk about the characters and what scenes you enjoyed.

10.  Horseback riding is always fun – if you like the outdoors and the country.  Depending on where you live, riding horses on the beach, the mountains or the country side can be very pretty and romantic.

romantic ideas

I hope these “Romance Ideas” have sparked your imagination and help you make a good romantic impression on your first date.

. . .romantic ideassmiles and kisses,
a Team player

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