Dating Single Girls. Dos and Don’ts on the 1st Date.

Single Girls –
Discover secret dos and don’ts on the 1st date. 

single women

Hi guys –

I believe most guys have it tough with women – we’re not easy to figure out sometimes.  Dating single girls can be frustrating, but once you got the fundamentals down, then I think you’ll be just fine.

This is the first time I’ve posted my helpful hints for you.  You need to Discover My Secret Dos and Don’ts on the 1st Date – and when applied, then these simple (common sense) tips for dating single girls will move you closer to being a man most other men will envy.  Here it goes.  I’m going to be brutally honest and I will try to keep my sentences short.  

If you’re on a 1st date with of the single girls in your area, THESE are my dos and don’ts. If you want to impress a woman then follow these suggestions.  Here we go!

1. Clean your car inside and out before picking her up.  Nothing worse than a trashy car.  A trashy car may also tell her what a pig sty you live in at home.  If you’re a pig, then maybe you should change a few of you bad habits.  If you’re not a pig, then you’re already miles ahead of many men. 

 2. Tell a woman she looks beautiful and pretty.  Do not say she looks hot.

 3. Always open car doors and open doors for her everywhere you go.  Don’t forget – this should be second nature to you.  Treat thesingle women woman with respect and dignity.

 4.Have a sense of humor.  Make her smile and laugh.  Prepare some humorous stories to tell her about your life.

 5. Single girls like nice clean white teeth. Make sure to brush your teeth, Use a mouth-wash and carry something to freshen your breath while you’re with her.  Nothing worse than bad breath.

 single women6. Do not have yellow teeth.  This is highly offensive.  If you need to get teeth whitened before going on dates, then maybe this should be done as well. 

 7.  Wear clothes that are not wrinkled or torn.  Look presentable and wear a decent pair of shoes.

 8. Do not use foul language on the 1st date.  Let her know you respect her and be a gentleman. 

 9. Do not fart or spew any gas from your ass on the date.  Go to the restroom if it’s required.
single women

 10.  Single girls do not like when you talk about your ex girlfriend or ex-wife.

Do not talk about ex-wives or ex-girlfriends.  This an absolute no-no.  Do not say anything negative about them.  Do not discuss religion either – not yet.  Maybe another time.

 11. Be nice and friendly to the wait staff if you’re in a restaurant.  Never yell or snap your fingers.  Single girls are watching how you might treat her in the future.

 12. Touch her once in awhile.  Never grab her.  Brush her hand or touch her shoulder during the date.  Do not get too aggressive. 

 13. Do not burp.  If you have to cough or burp, at least give her the respect of covering your mouth.  Burps smell!  Say excuse me.

 14. Single girls despise arrogant cocky guys.  Men who act better than others – when it’s obvious they are not.

 15. Don’t brag or boast about your accomplishments – but let her
know what you’ve done in your life.  

 16. Have some humility.  A man who cannot laugh about his faults or his mistakes – is way too serious about life.  Single girls like to know you can laugh at yourself. 

 17. When you’re ordering food.  Always ask her to order first. 

 18. Single girls like a man who smells good. Wear cologne.  Spray on cologne right before you pick her up. Carry it in the car if you have to.  You never want to have body single womenodor or have a weird smell. 

 19. Clean your nose.  You don’t want anything hanging out of your nose on your date.  That’s just not right. 

 21. Be up-beat about your conversations.  Do not talk negative about people or those you know.  Keep the conversations light, fun and entertaining.  Make her want to hear more. 

 22.  Do not dominate the conversation.  Find out what interests single womenher – find topics she’s interested in.  Ask her questions about herself, her family, her siblings, her dog and her work.. 

 23. Do not talk about other single girls you’re currently dating.  Let her feel she’s the only woman in your life. Women despise players.  Don’t act like one.

 24. You should have good posture.  Walk straight.  Keep your head above your shoulders.  Your head shot not stick out like a turtle. Practice having good posture while walking.

 25. Never put your elbows on the table at a restaurant, especially single womenif there is food on the table.  If you’re just having a beer or a few drinks, then maybe it’s fine…but not while eating dinner or lunch.  

I’ve seen grown “adult” men in their 50s with elbows on the table and it looks rude – they were never told how bad it looks.

 26.  If you haven’t learned how to dance yet, then it’s probably single womentime to learn.  Most single girls enjoy dancing.  You should dance with her and make her feel comfortable -if you’re in place where dancing is an obvious form of entertainment.

 27. Do not give her advice unless you’re a professional in the field she’s discussing.  Listen – but do not try to solve the problem.  If she asks for advice – just provide an opinion if you have one.

 28. When single girls cry – pull her close.  Make her feel safe. Tell her that everything is going to be alright.

 29. Use the girl’s name in conversation. Single girls like to hear their own name from your lips.

 30. Be observant.  If a girl gets a new hair cut or is wearing her hair different, make sure to notice and say something positive. Let her know that she is important and you noticed the changes. 

 31. You can tease her a little, but not too much. Let her see you have a playful side to you.

 32. Cut your fingernails before the date. Single girls despise men with long fingernails. Make sure they do not or barely come above the ball of your finger. 

 33. Do not talk about sex or any fetishes you have on the 1st date.  This is not a 1st date topic at all – unless she brings it up, but then you should keep that topic to a minimum.

 34. Do not show jealousy during the 1st date.  Don’t get biligerent single womenand act all macho – punching other men.  You don’t want her to see some crazy insecure jealous fool – even if you are.


35. Single girls appreciate confidence.

 36. There is no need to act like a tough guy.  Single girls like to feel protected, but she likes to see the sensitive side to you as well.  She does not want a bully.

 37. Do your best to recognize her needs before she has to ask you.  This is important.  

 38. Do not bring up or talk about any flaws she has – over look it unless she talks about them first – but always downplay her flaws and make her feel safe and comfortable with you.

 39. Again, don’t talk about yourself all evening.  Let her talk about herself as well.  Invite her to talk about herself by asking questions.  If the questions are too personal she’ll let you know. 

 40.  If you feel comfortable doing this – when you’re walking, you single womencan test the waters.  Ask her if you can hold her hand while you’re walking.

 41. If she starts to swing your arm while walking, she could be starting to feel comfortable with you.  Again, do this if only if you feel comfortable and if she’s comfortable – take her hand and softly kiss it. If she likes you – she will melt.

 42. Do not stare at other single girls or tell her how hot single womenanother woman is in the room or where-ever.  Let her think she’s the only woman on the planet.


43. Compliment her in some way – but not too much.  Do not tell her how hot she is.  Tell her how good she looks in her jeans or blouse, etc.

 44. If you’re not a punctual person, then you probably need to change your bad habits.  Punctuality is a sign of healthy self-esteem and it shows you appreciate and respect another person’s time.  If you’re usually late wherever you go, then change it.  Work on it.  Always be on time when you pick up your date. 

 45. Bring her some flowers or a bottle of her favorite wine when single womenyou come to pick her up.  Don’t show up empty handed.

 46. Here are 10 ways to win a woman’s heart.

 47. If there is silence during the conversation. Instead of trying to think of something to say or feeling awkward,  Just look at her and say, “gosh, you’re beautiful.”

 48. Do not talk about your flaws unless it’s part of your deprecating sense of humor. Once or twice is fine…but don’t go over-board.

 49. Every girl thinks she’s pretty in one way or another. They just won’t admit it.  Find out what she thinks is the prettiest aspect of herself and compliment her.

 50. Single girls are VERY SELF-CONSCIOUS when it comes to their looks. No makeup is a very sensitive topic to them.  Don’t make fun of her without make up….tell her how beautiful she is without make up…. she may not believe you – but it’s nice to hear.

51.  Here’s a bonus.  Turn off your cell phone – unless you’re an single womenemergency doctor on call that evening.  

Nothing more rude than for you to talk on your phone during your time with the women you’re wanting to impress.  It’s just rude.

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