Try Speed Dating: Discover secrets to more speed dates.

Speed Dating can be fun or it could be a disaster. Follow these suggestions and you’ll come out way ahead of the rest.

Speed Dating Hi – I’m glad you’re here with me.  Let me give you a few pointers about speed dating. OK?

Alright – you’re taking the plunge and going to try something new called speed dating.   Why not?  It sounds fun, right?

Maybe you’ve decided the bars and grocery stores or not for you – and you’ve tried online dating too.   Maybe a friend suggested you give speed dating a shot.   Maybe you’re freshly divorced for awhile Speed Dating   and thought speed dating sounds easy enough.  No matter what you’ve decided to try speed dating.

Just the fact you’re reading this will give you a heads up on competition because most of the men do not have a clue what they’re doing.

The biggest problem with speed dating that I can see is it’s full of usually younger girls.   It’s sort of like girls night out.  They are usually out with their girlfriends just to have a good time and if they meet a guy that would be good –  if not they really don’t care.

For the guys, they seem to be a lot more serious than the girls or at least this is what it appears to be.  And it shows too.  This speed dating thing is serious stuff to the guys.  It’s not like it is men’s night out with the guys like it is with the ladies.  It’s sort of a  different mind Speed Datingset.

What you need to know is these girls know what they are doing.  Many of them will be watching to see if you’re a mamma’s boy or if you’re an income earner or if you’re a man who knows where he’s going in life.  Believe me, some of these women know exactly what they are looking for – so get prepared.   Girls speed date to look for a guy who is interesting, charming and confident.

Most girls don’t realize that the type of man they want usually will not be at a speed dating gig.  So, this is where you will shine.  If you can use my advice, it will put you miles ahead of your competition and the women will be like sitting ducks for you.  Here’s my suggestions for you.

Speed Dating1.  This is very important.  If you managed to get a few matches following your speed-dating event – then make sure to start with one date and schedule the others some time into the future.

More than half of the women go speed dating with their girlfriends (90% of guys go alone), so if you accidentally set up dates with a woman and ALSO two of her other girl friends too – then you’ll probably strike out.  You don’t want to be dating women that all know each other….it doesn’t work and you’ll be batting zero -then you have to start over again.

2.  Let’s say you did not create any connections at all.  Remember, it’s NOT the end of the world.  It’s all about your confidence in yourself and your friendly personality. Prepare yourself with several speed questions – do a little teasing with her – maybe a short story.  The main thing is; help her to feel good about herself.   Don’t compliment her too much – it will be too creepy.

3.  If you didn’t get a call – then she simply wasn’t interested.  It’s as simple as that.  Do not stalk her.  Forget her.  Create a brand new speed datingstrategy and go back another time.

4.  When the time is up and the woman is talking – then do not get up in the middle of her sentence.  I think that is rude.  Let her finish.  Casually stand up, look her in the eye and say how nice it was to meet her. Hold the eye contact for a second, give a slight nod and half-a-smile, and then move on – do not look back.

Hilariously funny video about Speed Dating!

5.   Do not ask for her address or her personal information. The system clearly explains that you discreetly mark the “yes” box and if the other person does the same, you will be provided with their speeddating11,pngcontact details. Don’t be rude and make her feel awkward by asking for information you’re not suppose to get.

6.  Do not reach for her hand – or stare at her.  Give her eye contact but do not leer at her.  This makes her nervous.  Keep a smile on your face and let her feel you’re comfortable being in her presence.

7.   Remember, you only have five minutes to provide enough information about yourself that will convince her that you are the man for her.  Never say anything negative about yourself, do not talk negative about someone else – don’t talk about ex-wives or how much money you lost in the stock market.  Stay up-beat and positive.

8.  Create some really off the wall questions.  Create questions she doesn’t expect.

Here are few examples and it will bring out her and your personality at the same time.  1)  What is the best movie you’ve seen this year?  2)  What is the most fun thing you’ve done recently? 3) What is your favorite food?  4)  Are you a clean freak or a clutter    bug?  5) What is your favorite wild animal?  6) Do you clean the kitchen at night before going to bed or first thing in the morning?
7) Do you believe Obama Care is good or bad?  8) Do you buy fluoride tooth paste?  9) Would you rather lay in the sun at a beach or a pool?   10) How many speeding tickets have you had in the past year?

9.  Brush up on local and world news stories you can use.  Bring a shocking news story that would be interesting talk about.

10. Most speed dating events usually have about 20 to 30 people from each sex. If you’re near the end of the line, the bored woman in front of you has already repeated the story of where she comesspeed dating
from and what she does for a living for the past two hours.   Make sure to use the list of questions most guys will not ask – and you still get to know something more about her.

11.  The girls you’ll meet have made an effort. They’ve waxed, polished, powdered and sprayed.  They have made themselves presentable for you.  You should return the gesture.  Do not show up wearing some sweaty t-shirt.

Don’t show up wearing a wrinkled shirt and do not arrive with any body order, bad breath or hair that hasn’t been washed in a week.  You don’t need to wear a suit – but at least wear a nice pants, dress shirt and a decent pair of shoes.  If not, most women will not give you a chance.  Women like men who care about themselves and how they look and smell.

I hope this information has helped you in your next speed dating event.  If so,, please tell a friend.  Thank you!

Speed Datinghugs,
a Team Player

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