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How to Pick Up Girls: Discover Dos and Don’ts.

Discover the real magic of
“How to Pick Up Girls”

How to Pick Up Girls Hey Men!

How to pick up girls.  Wow, now that’s a big topic!

First, ask yourself this question.  Why do you want to pick up girls?  Sounds like a simple question, but let’s see what it actually means. OK?

Most men want to pick up girls for SEX, right?  Very few men want to pick up girls to take home to mamma, then run to the church and get married.   Here’s a few dating tips you must have.

Watch how this average guy picks up
on this beautiful model at a book store.
He did it by being a gentleman.

Do you want to pick up girls so you can have a pleasant and a meaningful conversation that will eventually lead to a quality long term relationship?   I THINK NOT.    Picking up girls means you want to get it on with the BIG nasty, right? read more