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Porn Facts: The Good, Bad, the Ugly.

Porn Facts:
There Are Good Aspects of Porn
and There Are Bad Aspects of Porn.

porn factsHi Guys –

I’ve done my research and discovered some “Porn Facts”.
I have some shocking things to tell you.  This stuff comes from very reliable sources, so please listen up. OK?

I feel Porn is a good thing if it encourages you to have a better sex life with your partner, but if you’re watching a lot of “porn” and you’re NOT having a sex life at all or your physical sex life with another person is decreasing, then it’s NOT a good thing.

Do You Want to Watch Porn or
Have Sex with Your Girlfriend?
(If you have a girlfriend)

There is some good stuff about porn and not so good stuff.  Everything in moderation is the key, right?   If you’re spending more time watching PORN than trying to find a nice sweet girlfriend, then that’s NOT a good thing.  Porn addiction can be lonely.sadman-3 read more