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Does She Like Me? 20 Signs To Let You Know.

Does She Like Me?  These 20 Signs Will Let You Know For Sure.  No More Guess Work.

Thousands of single men secretly ask the question; Does she like me?  Well, if you read these special signs you’ll know for sure and the mystery will be over.

does she like me

Hey guys –

I’m going to give you my advice on how to know if SHE is into you or not.

1.  Nearly all women who like a man will stand close to him.  If she is standing close to you, then she feels safe. If she’s not feeling the romance thing, then she probably will not stand close to you.

2. Women who like you will look you in the eyes. She is trying to establish a deeper connection with you.  This will usually answer the question;  Does she like me? read more


Engagement Rings: Scam of the Century.

Guys Don’t Buy Diamond
Engagement Rings!

Matter of Fact Do Not Buy Diamonds
at All!  Ever!  It’s a SCAM! It’s Total Bullshit!

Hey Guys!

Engagement Rings is a Scam and a total Rip-off.   Matter of fact, all diamonds are a scam.  Our society has been brain-washed and misguided purposely by cleaver advertising and propaganda about diamonds – the scheme is to take from you and enrich some of the wealthiest tyrants of this century.   Please help us to inform other men and women that diamonds are junk and their value is grossly inflated.  It’s a total SCAM.  

It’s a shame that millions of people have bought into the scam of the century.   A way a man show’s his love for a woman is with a diamond ring that is almost completely “worthless” and it puts the man either in debt or causes a major dent in his bank account.  This is a sad fact. read more


How to Lose Weight Fast for Men. Dating Again?

How to Lose Weight Fast for Men  – Here is a Simple Way to Lose Fat Without Starving

There is no doubt about it,  a slim and leaner body is healthier than a fatty body with less muscle.   Women are usually more attracted to a man who is healthy and leaner.   Usually a man who is healthier can provide and protect his family more proficiently than a man who could be prone to disease or other illnesses.  This goes back to the caveman days.

Also, most men are usually more attracted to a women who appears to be healthier and leaner as well.  Men are not usually attracted to women who are prone to diseases or beyond child bearing years.  Again, this goes back to the cave man days. read more

Free Backgound Check: Is She Telling the Truth?

Dating is all about finding the right person.
Free background check is possible.

You can perform a free background check on anyone you wish.  It’s almost essential to perform background checks on anyone you Free Backgound Checksbring into your personal life.

Make sure the woman is not a “Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing”.   Your life is worth protecting.  It is possible to perform a free back ground check with free public sources.

Make Sure You Do a Background Check on Any Woman if She Has These Tell-Tale Signs.  This is Great Advice.

Instructions on how to do a free background check yourself.  It’s usually free. 

1.  Go to the website for your local police and sheriff. Search by the person’s name or any other names he or she may use. Go to the state’s department of corrections website and complete the same search. Check the National Child Molester database.Free Backgound Checks read more


Casual Dating. Easily Hookup with Girls.

Casual Dating Starts Casual,
But Then What?

casual dating

Hey guys,

Here’s what I think about this thing called casual dating and I wonder if these things go through your mind.

Here’s a few thought provoking comments and thoughts for you.

1.  Casual dating can be confusing at times. You don’t know if she will be a “booty call” or something more.   You don’t know if you should spend the night or not.  You and her could be confused and with good reason.  You don’t want to make promises or should you?   Do you have feelings for her or are you just horny? read more