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Porn Facts: The Good, Bad, the Ugly.

Porn Facts:
There Are Good Aspects of Porn
and There Are Bad Aspects of Porn.

porn factsHi Guys –

I’ve done my research and discovered some “Porn Facts”.
I have some shocking things to tell you.  This stuff comes from very reliable sources, so please listen up. OK?

I feel Porn is a good thing if it encourages you to have a better sex life with your partner, but if you’re watching a lot of “porn” and you’re NOT having a sex life at all or your physical sex life with another person is decreasing, then it’s NOT a good thing.

Do You Want to Watch Porn or
Have Sex with Your Girlfriend?
(If you have a girlfriend)

There is some good stuff about porn and not so good stuff.  Everything in moderation is the key, right?   If you’re spending more time watching PORN than trying to find a nice sweet girlfriend, then that’s NOT a good thing.  Porn addiction can be lonely.sadman-3 read more


How to Make Her Cum: She Will Love It.

How to Make Her Cum.   Making “Her” Cum Quickly Should Be Your Total Objective.

How to Make Her CumHey guys –  seriously this is not brain surgery.  How to make her cum is easier than you think. However, most men need a few hidden secrets.  Most men are misguided and misinformed on how to make her cum.  You can make a woman cum with the right techniques.   A woman’s body is not as complicated as you might think.

Even women are learning more about their bodies today.  It is no longer shameful to know what makes your body work.   How to make her cum is usually an awkward subject and it should not be embarrassing but it is for many people.  It’s the big elephant in the room that most people want to ignore until here recently. read more


How to Make Your Penis Bigger. Good For Tiny Penises.

How to Make Your Penis Bigger?
This is a Question Asked by Millions of Men.
A Method Has Been Hidden From You.

how to make your dick biggerAre you ready guys?  This is HOW To Make Your Penis Bigger.

First of all, if you already have a monster cock and just want a bigger one in order  to scare the women even more, then this is NOT for you.  This Good News is only for men who have below average or tiny penises.

Men have heard all their life that size doesn’t matter and to most women this is true as long as they can feel it.  However, if your penis is so tiny the woman is unable to feel it or have difficulty keeping it inside, then it may become a frustrating problem for both of you. read more


Casual Dating. Easily Hookup with Girls.

Casual Dating Starts Casual,
But Then What?

casual dating

Hey guys,

Here’s what I think about this thing called casual dating and I wonder if these things go through your mind.

Here’s a few thought provoking comments and thoughts for you.

1.  Casual dating can be confusing at times. You don’t know if she will be a “booty call” or something more.   You don’t know if you should spend the night or not.  You and her could be confused and with good reason.  You don’t want to make promises or should you?   Do you have feelings for her or are you just horny? read more


Does Size Matter? The Answer May Shock You.

gcy-logo-medium Does the size of a woman’s vagina or the size of man’s penis really matter?

does size matterMen and women from down the age’s have been curious and often wondered if “size” is important to the opposite sex.

The age-old question of whether or not size matters is typically directed at men, but this is a somewhat hidden concern for women as well.

Naturally, men are always curious and often confused to what the real answer is; and the question always remains.  “Does size does size mattermatter?”   Some may have anxiety about it because porn is very popular and those who watch “Porn” may feel insecure. read more