How to Talk to Women: Does and Don’ts on What To Say.

Discover How to Talk to Women and
How to Meet Women

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Our team has loads of dating tips for you and I don’t really want to ruin the big surprises for you.  Discover a few secrets on How to talk to women and How to meet women. OK?

Here are 20 quick tips for men ….you should always be aware of these tips when you’re on a 1st date or women you 1st meet a woman.  These are simple, but valuable tips that will make all the difference in the world.

1. Do not talk too much about sex or your intent.
2. Do not do Risky topics like: sex, politics or religion.
3. Do not get too drunk or high on drugs.
4. Be current and enjoy the moment.
6. You should hold eye contact – but don’t stare.
7. Do not Brag or talk too much about yourself.
8. Do not smell bad – where a nice cologne.
9.  Be respectful and polite. SMILE.
10.  Do not call attention to her flaws. 
11.  Keep conversation light hearted on first date.
12.  Don’t ask questions that could be too personal.
13.  Do ask questions about her – take an interest.
14.  Lightly touch her shoulder – sometimes touch her hand.  Don’t grab her hand.  Let her take yours, if she chooses.  Make it appear that she is in control.
15.  When she’s speaking sometimes watch her mouth
16. Help her to feel safe and comfortable.
17.  Do not talk or discuss your ex wife or ex girlfriend.
18.  If you’re in public or a restaurant – be polite to the waitresses or waiters and all the staff members.
19.  Clean teeth and nice breath.
20.  Wear decent clothes and decent shoes.

Here’s great advice on how to talk to women and how to meet women.

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