Where To Meet Women: Discover the hidden places to meet local women.

Many Men Have a Problem with Where to Meet Women in their Local Town or City. Well, here are a few suggestions that will help you tremendously.


Where To Meet WomenHey Guys!

The reason most men do not know Where to Meet Women is because they usually walk around with “blinders” on.   Naturally, I’m teasing, but beautiful women are everywhere.  Women are not hiding from you, I promise.  

I’m not saying anything you haven’t already noticed during your every day living, but as you know, there are beautiful women all over your town and city.   However, you need to put yourself in the right situation so you can have a conversation and get acquainted.

Here are a few memory joggers to remind you of all the places you should use to meet women.   Please read this blog posting because I really believe it will help put an end to many of those lonely nights.  

Here’s a few suggestions
from a Dating coach.

I’m writing this particular blog for one reason.  It’s to remind you of all the sexy beautiful women there are literally everywhere and most do not have a man in their life.  Why?  

Here’s a few more suggestions
on where to meet women.

Nearly every dating coach will suggest that meeting women in crowded noisy clubs are really not the best place to meet girls.  They are just too noisy and you can’t talk to her and get acquainted.   Most people who attend noisy bars go home alone.

1. Walking the Dog. It is a cinch to meet women at the pet store, at the dog park or walking your dog. It is probably one of the best, and easiest ways to meet a woman. If you have a cute puppy, I dare you to not have every woman in sight stop to squeal about your little fur ball and talk to you about your pet.

2. At the Gym. You can ask about the weights or routine she is doing. There is bound to be some question you can ask or else make a comment about. Maybe the pool is particularly crowded that day; you can say something about that. It is an easy environment to engage in non threatening conversation.

3. Home Repair Stores. Ask a woman her opinion on paint colors or doorknob styles you are considering. Everyone likes to give an opinion. It is an easy way to start a conversation.

4. Clothing Stores. This is another place where you can seek an opinion. In fact, even if you aren’t looking for a date, I always suggest asking a woman’s opinion on a clothing item you are considering!

5. Bookstores. You can say you are looking for a recommendation for a good book for your upcoming vacation or for a gift or whatever.

6. A community college class or seminars.Take a class in yoga, painting, Spanish, whatever interests you. You will be able to meet a lot of different people this way.

7. Pet Stores.   Go shopping at your pet stores in town.  It’s a great place to meet girls and women of all ages.  Most women have a cat or dog.  You’ll have plenty to talk about when you meet her.  She’ll be open to you because you have something in common.  You both love animals.  Make a date to go walk your dogs together.  This works better than you can ever imagine.

8. A museum, the theater or opera It doesn’t matter if it is MOMA or the local history museum. It could be a community theater or the Met. Linger in the lobby and offer to buy the woman a drink. You can strike up a conversation about what you are both seeing.

9. A coffee shop. Unlike a bar, a café has a casual atmosphere more conducive to meeting someone of quality. Comment on the book she is reading or just ask her opinion about a good place to find flowers in the area. This is one of the easiest places to meet someone

10. The park. If it is a nice day, go out and stroll, bring a Frisbee and friend or your dog. Bring a blanket and a good book and a bottle of wine if you can. Sit and people watch. You can always ask if she has the time, if she has a light, if she knows the best restaurant in the area. Be creative. You can definitely meet women at the park.

Have you ever thought this;  with all the sexy girls available all around you – why are you alone?  or why aren’t you meeting enough of them?   Why aren’t you part of their lives?   Do they seem to ignore you?   Do you feel invisible?

These are all questions some guys ask.  The answer is simple and we want to share it all with you.

Over one million men from different age groups have discovered the secrets of girls and have created a life of fun, love and lots of sex.  Once you know a few of the simple secrets, then it will happen to you too.  There is no reason to ever be alone again on a Saturday night or out watching others have all the fun.

Go read this blog post about “How to Pick up Girls”  it’s written by one of our sexy team players.   She’s really good.

I really hope my blog post was helpful for you.  If it was, please tell a friend.  I will appreciate it very much.   Thanks.

Where To Meet Womenhugs,
a Team Player

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